Tuesday, November 12, 2002


---Here I sit, the day after Vet day, yet another Interesting dream. I have lots of dreams, dreams no psychologist would ever deal with.
Learning dreams too.
I followed, in this dream, a man's life with the choices that he made with this life, over a period of years. the dream showed this life like of a movie or a book.

This man owned a farm with poor soil, just bought this farm. he was young and hopefull, and just married too. there was a gravel pit, a small quarry, on the corner of his land, from the previous owner.
So. this guy found some mineral in the gravel and he then began to open-pit mine this gravel. some mineral proved profitable. I watched this "movie" unfold, over time of about five years. I watched as his wife found there was some other rock in the gravel that might be profitable, but he put her suggestion down! i watched as the muddy mine trailings began to foul the man-made lake that was at the back of his land, a lake that was either the town water supply or maybe the area's fishing/swimming lake.
I saw this man cut a tree down that saddened his wife, as she saw that tree as something special!!

In this dream, i was seeing "seeds" sown, in karma and action, events that Will have Future Consequences! I could see, in advance, how he was Losing the respect
from his wife! i could see how he would be getting a kind of "mass counsiousness" of "dislike' from thousands of people in the surrounding commuity, because he was polluting the water of this lake!
Omenoius! I could watch it unfold, even as there was yet to be any Results of this: wife still loved him and the lake was as yet not messed up!! but the SEEDS
were all there, there was yet still Time to prevent a future that i could imagine!
----end of dream!

I play computer role playing games a lot. even in the "poorly made" games, there is a story-line. actions bring results. the hero must enter a dungeon and find "the
cup of holy grincing"....or something like that. his finding this cup. or NOT finding this cup, will affect the rest of the game. I have learned from these games, have Seen, what is being taught me: that all actions are interwoven with all the events around that action!

---that miner has no clue that the tree he cuts down, in order to increase slightly his profit, may well "tip the scales" to have his wife leave him, cluless as to HER feelings, as to "tree" or to her idea about the mineral that she notices. this man sees the muddy water entering the lake: he does not "connect the dots"...does not see what the future of months and years of this pollution will do to this lake! too, he senses not what the "psychic" result would be of 10,000 souls directing anger towards him, due to their lake being ruined! all that anger could Poison his soul, let alone affect in the "real world" the business dealings with him!...he could think, in ten years, that this here physical alment or condition that he aquired...is just the result of disease or "fate"! No! not fate, just the ruined aura from the poisoning of the rancor directed to him, by other people!
--or maybe in ten years that new house, the bank will not give to him the loan, because the Loan officer, the week before, tried to fish in a muddy lake and caught nothing!

everything brings results. all actions bring results. that is my Lesson from this dream that i will Ponder for Today!!