Saturday, November 30, 2002

A quiet thanksgiving....

ya know, i grit my teeth a bit every major holiday! especially thanksgiving and christmass!

"The Single Person is found to be wanting"...that is the Judgement that
i see sits, out there, on single older people, in America, during the holidays!! the WORST thing that a single person with no relatives and no firends in town to do, during these Holidays, in my opinion, is to go out to eat the Dinner at the one
chain resturant that is open, and end up sitting with all the OTHER singles, and end up Bonding in misery and pain, with them all!!
go to the "Homeless city meal program" that usually is offered to the city homeless people!

everything has its price, and living alone has its great benefits, but the Price is being alone some times of the year!
I betcha there are people who would rather go to a dysfunctional family thanksging dinner reunion, where a fistfight may actually occur, if not the bad vibes, of Strain and hatred, during the meal....better to go to one of these...than to BE Alone!!

same with a relationship: far far better to be battered, than to be ignored, if one cannot be least one is Being Touched, during the batterings!

I like is *not* the same as....."Aloneness"!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

----letter to blogger support!


hi all!

This is the same issue that i reported yesterday.

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I have more info on this.

I have several weblogs...
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the university library NOW uses Mozilla as their browser. been so, now,
for about a week or so.

my templates for all my weblogs are now unusable!!

I can access the template info, OK, but the screen stops just
at the bottom of the page of HTML
codes, there is no longer a "save changes' button to be found
thus i cannot save any changes that i make to any weblog.

more info...
i found this yesterday.
looks like you all made some code changes to cause this as
this template change worked
well with mozilla a few days ago, and, yes, the html coding looks
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It is NOT a template problem, actually! it is a problem with the rest
of the page below that template, where the rest of the page is not coded
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It works well with Explorer, i checked the other library,
so it is a Mozilla issue. i also checked with
the Lab to see if the problem was due to them, not you....they
told me it was "you all"!

so i have to use another computer, or else not use my templates!
thus no more links can ba added or changes made to my sites unless
i use other systems besides Mozilla!


Monday, November 25, 2002


well this cold tallahassee morning, on the walk over to Campus, i was reminded of something years ands years ago, a something that struck me as being Interesting!
On some trip from Upstate NY to Florida, i stopped into some nameless Hometown diner/cafe, and I sat down and prepared to order Lunch, from the menu. Yes my favorite kind of menu...the "daily special" is handwritten in, on a sheet of lined paper.
There was a older man, about 60, sitting near the front, and he was there first; the waitress took his order first. I was surprised at how
"SELF-EFFACING" he was! He seemed to apologize just for taking up space, for even being Counscious!! Hem and haw...
laugh nerviously...embarresed just to BE!!
Watress then came over to me and then took my order; then she turned to go to the kitchen....

she comes out with my food, a complicated order, but she did not yet bring a thing to this old man, even though he ordered first: this surprised me. Then, folks, this waitress did even a yet more Interesting thing....
She went over to that man and she whipped out her order book and began to take his order!! As if she had not done that before!
She had completely forgotton that he was there, completely forgotton that she had previously taken his order and she even forgot to turn it into the kitchen!!

yes, this man Succeded in his Magick! he was "not there", so self-effacing that he caused this lady to completely forget him!

One is *not*, i see, a "detacted observer" in life, with other people around one! One's "gravity well" colors all of the reality around and about! whether an "Inituate" or not!

Friday, November 22, 2002

hi all.
I feel inspired to copy my "best" Dreamvision of going to heaven, and put it here, in two parts, in two postings, in two letters.

I have about 10 to 15 more visions written up at

any newcomers who have not read my Visions and are interested, please go there to read some of them!


The Doopie Dolls
Where I encounter the "Doopie Dolls", and what they taught me, and their legacy keeps on giving
and giving...and giving!

On this nice summer 1982 day...I entered the Valley,
alone, in my sister's

Little did I know what lay just ahead...something
beyond all rational
experience and
something that even the twilight Zone...would have
difficulty dealing with!!

--all of what I am to write TRUE! Let
the"chips fall where they

I drove alone, today; Usually, I went with my sister
to her College, where
taught Social Work.

{you may know her; she wrote textbooks...Suanna

I lived with her, at the time, in another valley...and

she taught the
courses several
days a week, and often I rode with her: today...I ran
an errand for
her....over to
Johnson City....alone.

This valley was a textbook case of an Appalachian
valley. enclosed from the
outside outsiders lived in it...very
parochial....celestial...a virtual
you were one of them; all others keep out!! A lush
ten mile long
by 4000 foot mountains..closed at each end. In the
flats were farms,
everything essential.....somewheres north of Asheville, Norcth carolina.

I was now driving alone at 9
a.m.on this country
suddenly I knew that I was not alone!
THEY were with
me! I could SEE no
but I knew I was not alone.

It was as if I could imagine flying along, next to the pickup truck, like
birds...were doll-like
people! only, they
imagined themselves TO me! I could see them, in my
imagination: but they
absolutely there, even though they could not be seen with physical eyes!
They were the
size of
babies...maybe 18 inches tall..but with near-human
sized heads. they all
wore red
dress-like robes!

I called them, to myself..."Doopie Dolls" they did not

speak: I could not
talk to
them...they remained with me..until I came to the end
of the valley...then
they all
flew off, into the distance. Whew!!

My sister moved. I moved with it was 1984.
On one day.... I walked
back to her office, from downtown...thinking about
this experience of
several years
ago, now.

Suddenly they were there. next to me! Years later and
400 miles away...there
were, the Doopie Dolls! and now I could here their
talk!! I listened, in

"Yes, we are here. the same people you call "dolls".
we look like dolls only
we visit your world. Up in our world, where we really
live; we look like
normal people. We look like we did when we lived on
earth, before we died;
younger! Yes, we lived in that valley, in our
lives...we died..and
eventually went to
live in our Mountain would call it
"heaven"... we are close to
valley...and still love it so...not only do we keep
track of all the
visitors...we can see
the earthly valley better...THROUGH SOMEONE ELSE'S
EYES! thus we try to
get near everyone that we can!

But only a very very few people can see us! We all
have grown much more
and have a better way of life, that we are

in heaven.....we
often go to
hear the sings, in the valley churches; the
atmosphere, there, in these
churches is
more like up in our world.

AND.....we have your address!...we can come to visit
you at any time.
know that you separate from your body, at night...and
can go visit heavens;
not come visit US?!!!" ---then they were gone.

Then the Dreams began!!!!

{I have got to condense these save space...the
grammar and all that
will not be

My first dreams were very soon beginning. they were
concerned with going to
mountain listen to the dwellers tell their
life story and of the
of the arrival..into this land..that was at the outer
reaches of the Mountain
.{recuperating after death, the person rests..and
reflects upon his
life, before Going on...}

One man..lay in his his REPLICA of his earthly

mountain cabin. a
miner, in west virginia. died in his 50's..of a black
dusty lung. a hard; but
good life.
Now he rests, before going to Home. He told me of his
50 years of life.....

My Next Dream...had me being taken further up the a narrow pass,
the low of those passes that one could
miss..unless one had
to the people inside.

They took me into see....a VAST land . on would be as
if it were
maybe a 2000 foot the appalachian
mountains...but hundreds and
hundreds of miles across. Perpetual summer. sky soft
and blue...with a very
luminescence to the if no shadows are ever

cast! Farmlands and
hills..way off into the distance...all around..I could

see higher mountains.
I could
hear mountain church gospel in the
distance..being if
were the
"Musak" this land.

Cabins and houses and even "Modern" new age
houses!...{in my sister's North
Carolina valley...outsiders were welcomed; there were
many new agers..who
moved from the cities..many retreats and

I could tell that in this land..all were welcomed who
whatsoever with the mountain people...and loved
them..and the land..while on

My sister then died....of a sudden lung condition;
followed by my father,
the next

Now I was alone...all my relatives gone. I moved to
Florida, then back to my
upstate New York very small town, where I am, now.

By 1989..or so.....the dreams changed...{ya gotta
realize that i went there,
to the least once per month...every
month...and STILL do!!}}. sister had a house, there! I learned she has in each
several worlds.... I met her...and talked!!

She showed to me...many of her older mountain friends,

from her valley
have since died, and come here.

I often toured her house!! but I could not look at
her...{she has changed
physically; I have no Image model for her..thus I feel

her presence, only}

my father spent a week at her North carolina
home..before he died}}
and...yes!....I met him, too! He has a house there,

But not my mother..who died in the
1970's.......ah!...but only a year
ago...I had
someone show to me that she lives there, too!!

So....over the years...I have been often, up
there. There are untold thousands of
people, in a
Mountain Heaven....and I am always surprised at what i see!

My last such dream occurred just a few months ago....

I went to see my
she had a surprise for me...she and several other
women were to try to take
me to a
SEER!..a lady who lives off to the side..hidden..who
has "her foot in
worlds, at once".

{{Apparently mediums and psychics are needed there, most people in
heaven live only in one world....this means.."once a
psychic; always a
through the heavenly lands!!}}.

The local people did not know if I could "see' her. If I could find her see her,
she could consult the
life records
of souls...and read them! mine!!

So Suanna and her friends took me to a open wooded
field..with nothing but
and trees...and they waited, hopefully....for me to
see something. all I
see..was grass and hills and a beautiful

Suddenly ..I noted a narrow path..leading to a narrow
crack in a row of

Inside..was a large pretty small valley...with a cabin

at the end of the
trail. The seer
seemed to be of "new age"..stock...someone of the
wicca movement...or of
other new age way of life.....the ornaments in the
"said"...1970...1990! And
she indeed gave to me a reading!!....told me something

about my life..based
on my
soul records..something that i am still working

So there.

This Doopie Doll experience..certainly is a gift that
keeps on giving! I
could fill
pages more..of my experiences there my this mountain
Home-heaven.... this whole to me..a
"PRIMER" instruction
what heaven will be like...when I get there.

At the very LEAST...the Doopie to me that

life is
the door called "the tombstone"!!

NO DOUBT......when I die...there will be a cabin,
there, awaiting ME!!

doopie dolls part 2

my preview of my arrival, after death, in heaven!

about a month ago[1995?..1997?], i had this Incredible
I was shown what is apparently to be my initial
arrival into the lower
afterlife world, after i die. For some reason, Spirit
wants to show
to me what my very first "weeks" of heaven are to be
like!!! thus this dream is apparently a clarvoyant
"run through"
of what my first experiences of the afterlife will
be--a precognititive Seeing of what i will or could
experience there in heaven upon my intial arrival

[why not!
for *every* major life move, where i was given orders
to move,
like in some Military orders to be transferred to
another base..."three months from now"...i would have
a dream where i would see actual picture scenes, like
of from a camera, of PARTICULAR scenes from places,
buildings, people...from that place that i have orders
to move to...three months from this dream!
----so why not for the Great heaven

[ in other visions...i have gone, often, out-of-body
to see and visit
my Sister's "Appalachian Mountain world"----one of
the places that
she lives in---in the heavens. I have had ten or
twenty of these,
during the last few years....]

[she and i were close...died in 1986...she WOULD be
the one i would
see, my mother died in 1975...]

The vision begins....

I am in a bed. I awake. Suanna, my sister, is beside
there is fond greetings...[vaguely remembered].
much fond greetings....embracings.....talkings...
I find that i am in a room in her mountain house, in
the Appallacian
heaven that i have OBEed to, so often, in the past....
I now am a permanent resident of this Appalachian
mountain land, the land that i have come to visit so
often in my dreams. there are other people who then
come to meet me, in her house...

---my final OBE, my final out of body experience, my
final OBE to this Mountain afterlife world!!

she has a house, this land of blue skies
rolling hills...

[the appalachian mountains would be like the mountains
in the southeast corner of Austrialia, the highest is
about 5000 feet...most are only several thousand feet
in height]

I slowly awake to my senses and become "grounded" in
heaven ...over
the next few days....
i now recall that i had died, and am now here, in
but now I live!!! I have Come Home!!! no more
tears....sufferings of

Soon, i become stronger and i can go outside of the
I can recall, readers, one of my first outdoor
experiences, vaguely. [90% of this dream was
forgotten upon awakening!]
I stood near her house and i saw the blue sky and the
Mountains all around me. these mountains were only
Hills, maybe several hundred feet high. i was struck
by the "ethericicalness" of this blue sky! the
mountainhills miles away had NO haze to obscure them.
the air was still; no breezes stirred the leaves, thus
*every* sound...the playing cries of children, the
birds, the far off choirsingings of a distant
church...all were ETCHED into the air, all heard
Distinctly. Furthermore...i was struck most, in
profuoundity, by my feelings of S-P-A-C-E! as if i
could feel the very Expansiveness, the very open-ness
of this space. i felt like an inner city dweller, who
lived for months with hundreds of people crowded into
trains and streets, suddenly to take a train to the
outback, the desert...and he stands alone in the open
sand, hundreds of feet from the nearest buildings!
As the weeks pass by, i take further walks and meet
more people. they help me adjust and they Tell me How
Things Are, here. i am told that this area is a very
very large "area", a world, a place...a place amoungst
many places. this place , called "the mountain
lands" a raised area, like of a pleateu, on top
of a large "landmass"...there are valleys and
flatlands down below this pleateu. the people here
consist of
people from many places...besides of the "original"
earthly settlers of the appalachians.
[the "real", earthly, appalacians is a chain of hills
a thousand miles long and four hundred miles wide!
includes Atlanta, Georgia and Pittsburg,
Pennslavannia, and even the suburbs of NEW YORK CITY!!
i was born in these hills.]
I often visited other homes. these houses were set
apart from each other, not far, there never is a sense
of crowdings. there was no feeling that there was ANY
of the "modern technology" there. no cars. no phones
or electric.

[weeks and weeks of heaven Experiences are telescoped
into just one dream, much like of a biography movie
just skimming along the
life, a scene here, a scene there. but there MORE to
this than that! it is as if dozens of full
experiences are condensed in time, just like those
compressed files that are ZIPPED, when
downloaded....but i can only recall only a very few of
them, upon awaking!]

one day...i am now strong enough to take a walk on my
own....a much further walk
so i take such a walk...i wanted to follow a road
that led downwards from this plateau....i had heard
that it led downwards to an actual Gate to Earth! i
had seen this particular road, earlier, and i wondered
where it led. so i begin to follow this road that
someone told me of that led to earth. the road soon
went down, down the hills, curving and descending as i
i saw a "flats", a flat area near the bottom of this
I note that there is a town there...a number of
houses.I see people
standing along
the road: they all look very depressed and angery!!
the hoses look like ruins and shacks, all dirty and
the very air is dark and grey! the vibrational
feelings of the "atmosphere' were NOT good-feeling!!
I suddenly realize that i have gone DOWN in vibration,
as well as down
in elevation.
i then recall that i was brought up from earth, by
that same or similar road,
half asleep; and that the Gate to earth was just ahead
and so i wanted
to check the earth out, as a spirit!!

i apparently wanted to revisit the earth sphere and to
see what things were like there when i was a "ghost"!
maybe i wanted to watch my own funeral, like i read
that many spirits do!
at the end of the road, at the other end of the
village, stood an imposing red brick building. it was
a Massive Gate. as i appraoched this gate, i saw a ten
foot tall white robed
Man with a sword in his hand that was
AFLAME(!!)...guarding this gate...that six foot sword
was afire like
it was soaked in gasoline!! he stood right at the
gate, barracading the Door.
i then heard a thunderious voice, directed to me!

"This is the road to earth: You are FORBIDDEN to
enter it: go back
up the hill"!!!

the Angel with sword spoke: he raised his sword
high... i humbly retreated back up
the hill!!
...those souls near
the gate were so steeped in bad thoughts and
feelings...that they were
a little stuck, there, near the gate, and were yet
unable to even
climb up the road to the healing areas. these were
the souls who could NOT ascend even with
Guide-assistance, as their earthly life was so
un-preparing for heaven, that they had to remain here
in this drab, grey-sky "waiting room" for a while
until this "negativity" was lightened
there was so little of heaven-ness in their hearts and
souls, that they could not bear to even BE in the
mountainlands, above.

eventually, i took yet another walk, out into the open
lands. today, i looked off into the distance, off
towards a small hill.
At that moment, as i looked at the pasture-like
hillside, that was only a pasture on the side of a 100
foot high hill, that moment the pasture "turned"
into a road!! as if i had "tuned" onto a radio
station, suddenly a road appeared that was not there
just a moment before!

i enquired.

i was told that this road is always there, like of
many many other places and roads in this Land. they
exist on a slightly higher vibrational frequency then
the mountainland as a whole...and WHEN the arrivee
has grown in knowledge and love and understandings, as
he soaks up the vibes of the Appalachian lands..his
own vibrational level increases and thus he sees those
higher vibrational places!
the guides then said that this Mountain land is
["just?!!"] a recieving and healing station for new
arrivees from earth! most souls Go On, after a while,
to a MUCH "realer", higher, heaven[s] after they get
healed here, after some of the "earthly bad
vibrations" get removed. "after a while" could be
weeks or years...there is no hurry; ETERNITY is

---end of dream.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

"War---end of the world"!!

I had a *very* interesting out of body Dream last night, one that i will remember for SOME time, until i die...[next year!]!!
Oh, it seems on the surface a simple dream, but....

An astral travel dream. I am in some place a few hundred feet inland from the shore of a lake, there are houses and places. I am told , somehow, that i am to meet some of my old friends at 8 AM in the morning and that they are coming to meet me, and meet me by coming in their car from Iowa
[they are not dead, not Spirit-land dwellers: this is spirit-land, now, where i am, and they are coming to see me from the earth, as they are still living. "Iowa" because it is mr. MacN......., an old friend from the air force and he has his hometown to be in the state of Iowa! the "car" is his "vehicle" for himself and his wife to astral travel to come and to meet me. my guess that ""8 am" is perhaps the year 2008!!]
8 am has not yet occurred as it is still very early, so i go see yet other people in a house on the hill by the lakeshore but back away from the lake. [in the spirit world, the shore of this lake is the shore of the physical world].
I meet several other of my friends and it appears that they too, come from the earth to see me and it is BEFORE 8 AM so that they come to see me before the year 2008. [ I am already dead, of course, dying probably in early 2003!]
My "reunion" is rudely interrupted by someone who is floating in the air near the ceiling of the room! he shouts and yells, all bothered and very disturbed.....yet another astral traveler who comes to the spirit world and he see me and my friends and he Is Disturbed! he shouts to me....
i try to calm him....
[before 8am, before 2008, but near 2008]

i then see that it IS near 8 am and i excuse my self to float down from the second floor of the building, amazing my friends; i tell them that i have an appointment with others. they come, the iowa
couple, and we all have a wonderfull reunion!
Again, an interruption! i could see several "japanese-y" looking girls standing near me. i told my friend that i had to leave *this* reunion as i sensed that they girls were in deep trouble! i shouted to my friend and his wife....these girls are "????"...a japanese word for "a lost spirit"...or a"spirit in trouble"

the japanese girls told me that their vehicle is stuck on the bridge between worlds and they cannot get back to earth....
So, we all go along the path, me floating through the air. up ahead i see a bridge, a narrow narrow bridge going from the 50-foot hilltop down to the lakeshore, crossing a small stream in the process: a bridge between worlds, and i see a small bycycle/sled-like "vehicle' in the middle of the bridge, stuck between posts. yes, they cannot return to earth unless this vehicle is unstuck! the earthly body could DIE soon unless help is given!
as i pondered what to do, the two girls were "wringing their hands" and muttering about the WAR and the headlines, in the paper, that were so huge and terrible!!
[some terrible war was going on and now TWO spirits, at least, have independantly reported it: i go into the future, as well as into the ASTRAL spirit world, thus i am in the future, a bit before 2008, and the Reports from other astral travelers are Not So Good: war war...a war that is much more than just a local conflict!! Course it is "terrible" if you are in the middle of it, even for a local small conflict, but somehow i get the feeling, here, folks, that they were experiencing, on earth, these people from TWO separate cultures, a war that is larger than just a "Iraqian Saddam take-out"!!]

the dream ended as i pushed the vehicle free of the posts and pushed it so that it could go back down the bridge towards the earth-plane!

---this is my Report from the future.....

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


dead birds!
lots of dead birds!

I read that 8,000 to 15,000 dead birds were found on the shores of lake Eire, recently: they were poisoned by the bacteria from the algea
that is now in the lake, algea that now exists because of the Zebra-mussuals and "Goby" fish, that cleaned the water so.....yet more alien species that decimated!
i guess we all are becoming "one world" in species as
people spread things around.

I fear that soon, this will apply to our CULTURE too!
go to Bombay or Tokyo, step off the plane into the airport and find the very same Corporate resturants, the shops, the stores....then go to the same hotel chain. How can one tell that one is in India or japan?!
yes, beat the bushes to get to some remote village in Peru, only to find a Franchise selling Hamburgers and fries!

In a year, i will not be here to see that:
I wonder if there will be a Macdonalds in heaven?!

I bet there WILL be!!
I would *want* it so....
not for any "addiction' to their would be such that
i would want it there for the Newcomers [capital "N"]!
the Newcomers, who are not really prepared for death yet, who just arrive into heaven and find a new world and access to 100,000 worlds, they need something that Is Known and Familiar, some Anchor of macdonalds is often the
giver of coffee and food, in disasters!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

--------here is an interesting editorial for you all to read!
tis wild: in the name of "equaility" and "no offense given to anyone" one can be "different"!
The First Amendment, but only for some
The Virginian-Pilot
© November 13, 2002
Last updated: 8:43 PM

Taking offense has replaced baseball as America's pastime.

Consider the following:

In a recent column, I suggested that if the Chechen hostage situation had happened here, authorities would have bombarded the
terrorists with rap music for two weeks before hatching a plan. This prompted a call from a reader who said I was trying to
send a ``racially coded'' message.

A piece on aging American war protesters in Baghdad, who refer to themselves as ``grandpas and grandmas,'' led to e-mails
from Orwellian thought-police types decrying discrimination against the elderly. And a column applauding the Sacagawea dollar
coin's demise provoked an illogical screed on prejudice against American Indians.

These ridiculous leaps of logic, short memories and hypocrisy are the purview of a repressive political correctness gone horribly
wrong. Obviously the caller on Chechnya had forgotten the musical bombardments of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noreiga
and Waco cult leader David Koresh. If I had suggested a Rossini opera instead, would my message have been anti-Italian?

Aside from the fact that I don't like rap music -- I have a right to such outrageous behavior last time I checked -- and that rap
at full volume would make me relent hastily, to suggest that certain music belongs to only one group reinforces stereotypes. And
referring to someone in his 60s as ``aging'' or pointing out that a coin is costing millions in taxpayer money shouldn't rankle,
unless you are a taxpayer.

Why is America now home to this culture of offense?

We have gone from a land of free speech and tolerance to one where ethnic-, race-, age-, gender- and other
umbrage-mongers scan the papers daily in hopes of finding perceived insults to scream about. They have to: Offense is the
bread and butter of non-profit ``advocacy'' groups, who raise more money the louder they yell.

But to find America's ``offense training grounds,'' look no further than our college campuses, where students are encouraged to
believe that if anything offends them, their rights have automatically been violated. Free speech is in serious trouble and higher
education, with its stultifying rules and codes, is a major culprit.

This problem can be laid four-square at the feet of the self-indulgent baby boomer generation that now runs America's

Ironically, those who marched for free speech now enforce speech codes on others. The vanguard of smoking weed and
dropping acid now prohibits kegs of beer. And their embrace of Marcusian theory -- which holds that in order to advance the
rights of certain people, the rights of others must be taken away -- is ``a generational swindle of epic proportions,'' says Thor
Halvorssen of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

So much for academic freedom.

FIRE, bless them, has chronicled in great detail the erosion of free speech on campuses, two-thirds of which have speech
codes. The Philadelphia-based group, which spans the political spectrum, often finds itself championing conservative causes
that left-wing bigots find threatening.

Several examples: The student bar association at the Washington University School of Law in Missouri twice denied
recognition of a pro-life student group, citing ``the narrowness of your group's interests and goals'' as a reason. The decision
was recently overturned.

This spring, an instructor teaching a course on Palestinian resistance at the University of California at Berkeley warned
``conservative thinkers'' to take another class because ``the right of Palestinian . . . self-determination is not up for debate.''

At Central Michigan University last year, dorm supervisors made a student remove ``offensive decorations'' from his door, lest
he upset others. The hateful objects? An American flag, an eagle and a newspaper editorial.

Students against the war on terrorism were granted a permit to protest at the University of Massachusetts, but students who
wanted to support U.S. policy were denied one. And a Johns Hopkins University professor who publicly supported aggression
against terrorist-sheltering states was accused of assisting a hate crime against Muslims and yanked from his post.

Have we really become this weak?

Rather than learning the fine art of discourse and rebuttal, or even how to dish out stone cold contempt, students are infantilized.
They are taught to believe that opposing views should be shut down entirely. They morph into adults who see rights as a
zero-sum game. And that's more of a threat to our liberty than Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein combined.

Bronwyn Lance Chester is an editorial writer for The Virginian-Pilot.

Reach her at 446-2307 or e-mail her at

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Monday, November 18, 2002

tis now half-way through "that one year to live"!

the lunar eclipse is tomorrow: the next one, about may 20th, a week after "my year"...if i recall aright, this eclipse is on my saturn in the 12th house! exactly, to the degree!!

winch! ouch!

ah well....six months to live....
Today, on my little walk to campus, "i spun the Prayer wheel yet again", asking of Spirit as how how I should Get Ready....even after I have been told over and over, in dreams, that "there is nothing more to do"!

maybe i should really be asking..."what can i do, now, in light of what i COULD do, in heaven.
the upper heavens, after Purgatory."?!! but how can i choose when i have yet to be there.

the "real' heaven, after going through all the "preparation" heavens, beginning with pugatory!
even if for five minutes, surely purgatory.

i just remembered a dream, an out of body visit to heaven, long ago.
this is where i talked to a lady who had just come from a lower heaven where she lived in a dull-grey-sky city! a place that *YOU* do not want to go to, to live forever, from what she described!
grey skies and an inner city-ness that is ALL of this huge city, a city called


yes!! Dis, right from Dante's Inferno!
[i read from spirit guides that Dante Took a out of body TOUR of hell, what he saw was very very very
REAL! least "real" as to that time in history that he lived, long ago.

but Dis is still there and there are all too too many earthly "colleges", "entrypoints" to enter Dis from, in this here world! "hell" is not a popular topic in this "new age good-feeling self actuilazational " times! the new agers do not like Hell to be there!
But I have seen it; been there

Saturday, November 16, 2002


I have lived in this city now for about four years straight, this time. I finally bought a small box of ice cream at publux. There is very little ice cream in tallahassee, the south is not a dairy country!
but i took this small cup home and put it in my freezer. As i walked past my mailbox and checked my mail, there was one letter in it. I was amazed at this letter, it was covered with MOLD!
the postmark was for "march 1st, 2002"!!

talk about SNAIL MAIL!

It was a letter from my old gainesville friend, who wrote that he was getting ready for his trip to Alaska
and to return in November. probably came back and found the letter that he *intended* to mail!
In this letter of four pages he spent three of them writting about his failures with
ICE CREAM! on and on...his experiences with how plastic it was and artifical and that he walked just yeaterday to a grocery and the ice cream was tasting of plastic!

what a coincidence! on the *ONLY* day that i bring home ice cream, i get a letter about this same subject.!!
My Guide for sycnchronisms tells me that whenever something equals something else, there is a Hidden Spiritual Meaning there!
which, in this case, would be....what ELSE he wrote about!
on the last page he lamented about his sick cat, a cat that has an incurible disease and WILL die in a matter of months! it was thin and starving, now, as it cannot digest any food. death is soon, very very soon!!

*MY* death: He is Giving To me The News!!! there is 108 days between the two dates: the postmark date and "today" when i got the letter! NOTE that the 14th of november is opposite the 13th of may when I had that Vision of the Master telling me of the "one year to live"!

we all help each other to get born and we all help each other to get ready to die.......

and the ice cream tasted of terrible plastic, i pitched it!

Friday, November 15, 2002

tallahaassee is a bit depressed today! seems that a policeman was shot, the papers say that he was a very very good man!
"God takes the very best", was quoted in the article in the Democrat newspaper.

reminds me of reading about that family who took years to get all their family to take their Dream Train trip, in france. On the way, on the train, that fire occurred and killed them all: their hometown was devastated!

I am reading that a lot these days....seems the very best old souls are dying in strange and weird accidents, as IF they Had a Date kept with God!!

I feel that they might!
*If* there are really severe eathchanges or war coming soon, why if even one supervolcano goes off....millions could die suddenly and unpre-pared, in their souls!
so *who* is gonna greet them in heaven when they arrive?
who is gonna be their healers and counselors, in the Temples of Healing and Adjustments, to heaven?!

...why the old souls who have to die before the war/disasters! they have to get ready, learn the ropes, learn how to counsel! Thus, i feel, that they have to come over long before everyone else. then when we all come, they will be there for us all!
would not *you* want such an old soul for an "angelic' counselor?!

why if even onlt 20% of the earth's population were to die in, say, 20 volcanoes going off at once, why that is about
12 BILLION souls!!
----these counselors will need all the help that they can get?! want to Volunteer?! You probably CAN, in prayer, now do so!

so these days a lot of souls will


Thursday, November 14, 2002

the homeless guy was in the cafe this am.

At 8 am the temp was maybe 45. The owner, having two cafes, is not often in and when he was last week, he chased angerly this homeless guy out! Then he told me that he, last week, felt sorry for this man and gave to him a cup of coffee, when he came in for his first time. he told me "that was a big mistake: i gave some food to a lost kitten and now he is mine for life", he told me!

I tried to talk to this guy, both yesterday and today. failed. i got a vibe from him..."just another whitey that will tell me the muck what to do with my life"! I felt uneasy.

Interesting, i thought about him all day! i know nothing of his past, but somehow i sensed that he was a Young soul that might be here for one of his first incarnations as a human being! He has already lived as a soul-less spirit, in the spirit worlds. i had the feeling that in these spirit worlds of "pre-human entities" that everything is a "given"! that is Provided for by the Plenem, the spiritual equivalent of a plant that Recieves from the sun, water, and soil, all that is needed.

NOW, he must provide for his own, and he cannot, as he feels that it *IS up to everyone else to provide him with *everything*!


if so, i also predicted what his future incarnations could be like!

very very RAGE-FILLED! why?!! because he will enter again, as a human, with all his Ideals crushed and he will rage at all those people who Did Not Provide for everything in his life! filled with hate and rage, at all humanity for not providing for him. probably join a terrorist group!

this "horrified" me yet further, sports fans who read this...

as one could indeed, now, take him under their wings. the cafe-owner could take him home with him and make him part of his family, a 40 year old "man-child"! provide for all....


that is what it would be! his lessons of Learning would only be postponed, if he lived now like he did in spiritlives past! it could be *very* sufferingly hard on him, to Learn...but to give to him much, is to give crack to a recovering addict! he wants it, NEEDS this crack, wontya feel sorry for him and give to him a pinch of Powder?!

This man sleeps downtown, in a winter clothes, no blanket! soon the temp will fall to 30....25...20! the cafe owner may "give" to this guy Pnumonia or even DEATH, by not enabling!!

but if "enabling" he has to do, why this homeless probably *should*come live with him at his home and this cafe owner should spend 8 hours a days for three years, on this guy even though the cafes fall apart because he is not there to manage them!

I, MYSELF, must be a "bastard", i cannot let him live with ME! take every bit of my time till i die! there would be the two of us, together, closer than any Relationship !! "togetherness" all day long for 12+ hours a MAYBE get a trellis into his inner soul, for his "vine" to climb up upon.


ten future lives of being a terrorist who kills kills kills kills, seething with rage at, uncounsciously, all of the humanity who did not give to him all of everything, like what was done for 10,000 spirit-plane years!!

so i leave this one for you all to COMMENT upon....

please do that....

maybe, as i get to know him, i will learn a bit of his life-story!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


well i woke up this morning with yet another "visit to heaven" dream!
[please read the dream of a couple of days ago, further down the Journal, to read "dream number one"!]

well it *is* November 13th, exactly six months from my may 13th 2002 dreamVision where the India Master tells me, reading from my Life Records, and telling me...."In One year you will begin your Spirit life"! exactly half way to that "one year", now, on Nov 13th. Thus sometime between, say, may 1st and
the summmer or fall, of Heavenlife begins! [?] [!]!!

This morning's dream *seems* simple, on the surface: I merely walk about my home town, after dark! My sister Suanna is with me, i vaguely sense that, even if i do not really speak with her. probably i do, i cannot recall. I mumble to her about how I would leave my hometown to move to the South. At one point, in the dream, some girl runs out of a house to yell some incomprehensible gibberish at me.

---seems to be a psychological dream about me leaving my hometown to set off for where i now live: about once per month there are dreams like this!
there is a dark Tone to this dream: darkness in fact and in tone. i can see that the stars are out, a clear night, everyone but the "crazed' girl, are asleep.
Then my sister and i go to lie on the ground that is under an
interstate-type of overpass, a overpass that is more of like a long long tunnel: i can see the stars at each end. No such overpass exists in my town of 600 people!!
Suanna then says to me one line, then i wake up IMMEDIATELY! that means that this messege is a "payload" of the dream: the whole dream was created *just* for this messege to be given to me, the whole of the scenery was created just FOR this, and for me to wake up....would Insure that i remember what she tells me!

yes, shades of this dream of a couple of days ago where I floated through this overpass, to ascend slowly up to the heaven-plane of the "heaven of the arts" where my sister Suanna is a Manager of one of these temples. i sensed, as the loud car woke me up, that I was brought there *just* to have my sister tell me something: it FAILED, the communication-attempt, as the loud-car-won!

---that "overpass' is the clue!
this overpass, in last night's dream, is the SAME ONE, as in the other dream, the entrance to heaven; my hometown was just images brought up from my own subcounsciousness!
Yes, my sister had a messege for me and now, last night, she delivered it!!! She came down to that heaven-entrance, instead of having me Laboriously brought up to her level: to too much risk of having yet another "something" wake me up! probably took her a bit of effort for to do this, but there would be no chance of an earthly inturruption!
She merely told me...

"When your work for Jesus Christ is finished, you leave!" ["immediately"---was the feelingTone
for this statement. *exactly* at the finish of it!]

[my sister's Jesus is certainly *NOT* the jesus-perception of the first baptist church! i had a vision in 1991 where i saw her in a class of heaven-students, in Purgatory. this class had just Graduated from that level and they all were going up to a higher heaven. i saw Jesus take this class upwards!! 11 years.
so Suanna has been "with" Jesus for 10 X 11 years......110+ years there!]

---that was her messege. A simple, but profound, messege! Since I have been shown, in many many dreams...."that there is nothing more
to do, in your Spiritual Misisions, freestone"......Suanna's Messege to me is *NOT*
a mere abstraction....of a future far far off date of leaving the earth plane!!

[ some day, probably between March to August, of 2003, after I die, my Aunt or friend will go through my
dream diaryjournal, in my trailer, and find the URLs for the on-line journals, with the Passwords.
then *this* journal will have an entry like....."I am SO sorry, Mr Wilson has passed away, and I enter this into the journal to announce it to you all"!!
----so, between now and then, i will try to write nearly every day or three....something!
oughta be Interesting: stay Tuned!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002


---Here I sit, the day after Vet day, yet another Interesting dream. I have lots of dreams, dreams no psychologist would ever deal with.
Learning dreams too.
I followed, in this dream, a man's life with the choices that he made with this life, over a period of years. the dream showed this life like of a movie or a book.

This man owned a farm with poor soil, just bought this farm. he was young and hopefull, and just married too. there was a gravel pit, a small quarry, on the corner of his land, from the previous owner.
So. this guy found some mineral in the gravel and he then began to open-pit mine this gravel. some mineral proved profitable. I watched this "movie" unfold, over time of about five years. I watched as his wife found there was some other rock in the gravel that might be profitable, but he put her suggestion down! i watched as the muddy mine trailings began to foul the man-made lake that was at the back of his land, a lake that was either the town water supply or maybe the area's fishing/swimming lake.
I saw this man cut a tree down that saddened his wife, as she saw that tree as something special!!

In this dream, i was seeing "seeds" sown, in karma and action, events that Will have Future Consequences! I could see, in advance, how he was Losing the respect
from his wife! i could see how he would be getting a kind of "mass counsiousness" of "dislike' from thousands of people in the surrounding commuity, because he was polluting the water of this lake!
Omenoius! I could watch it unfold, even as there was yet to be any Results of this: wife still loved him and the lake was as yet not messed up!! but the SEEDS
were all there, there was yet still Time to prevent a future that i could imagine!
----end of dream!

I play computer role playing games a lot. even in the "poorly made" games, there is a story-line. actions bring results. the hero must enter a dungeon and find "the
cup of holy grincing"....or something like that. his finding this cup. or NOT finding this cup, will affect the rest of the game. I have learned from these games, have Seen, what is being taught me: that all actions are interwoven with all the events around that action!

---that miner has no clue that the tree he cuts down, in order to increase slightly his profit, may well "tip the scales" to have his wife leave him, cluless as to HER feelings, as to "tree" or to her idea about the mineral that she notices. this man sees the muddy water entering the lake: he does not "connect the dots"...does not see what the future of months and years of this pollution will do to this lake! too, he senses not what the "psychic" result would be of 10,000 souls directing anger towards him, due to their lake being ruined! all that anger could Poison his soul, let alone affect in the "real world" the business dealings with him!...he could think, in ten years, that this here physical alment or condition that he just the result of disease or "fate"! No! not fate, just the ruined aura from the poisoning of the rancor directed to him, by other people!
--or maybe in ten years that new house, the bank will not give to him the loan, because the Loan officer, the week before, tried to fish in a muddy lake and caught nothing!

everything brings results. all actions bring results. that is my Lesson from this dream that i will Ponder for Today!!

Monday, November 11, 2002


---that is my Title for today. my last night's dream. good grief; a visit to the afterlife worlds, one of many i have had over the years. I average at least two or four nights of the week, having these, but most of the experiences are not remembered too well.
Last night. As the dream began, I just "knew" that I was going to visit some places in the afterlife, spirit, realms! The experience began when I floated through what looked to be a long road tunnel, as if i were in a car on a road, going through a long underpass: there was someone with me, in my car, probably my Spirit Guide that came to take me to wherever Spirit wanted me to visit.
I, in my convertable car, came out into the open, after this tunnel [entrance to heaven, the tunnel!].
my Guide spoke of how this first lower level of the spirit world was where the Low spirits and not-developed-in-spiritual-life, souls, first came, after death. many remain here. what i saw was an "Industrial ruin" that "bad side of a city", the air-polluted, grey-sky nightmare!! i could see, as this "car" went along through the scenery, scenes of old rustry crumbled factories and tenaments.
"Ghetto"----on a dreary, neverending, cloudy day!
the people that i saw? "skid row". the "homeless". "crack cocaine corner"
E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! ---- and all of everyone that i saw!
I could dimly hear the never-ending Bitching, the Street-language would make a "ghetto-rapper" Blush
with Embarrassements!
after all, many many people spent their whole lives Preparing for just this place!! Now, perhaps, thay are happy, as NOW they have something to complain about!

yes, John, there *are* hells, in the spiritworlds: do not let the "new-agers" tell ya otherwise---I have experienced Many many of these places!!

Tis was now apparent that I passed through some "level-barrier"....I was floating over some other world's landscape: another heaven-level, one heaven-level-up, i guess. I floated about ten feet off of the ground. I can only dimly recall any one thing that i saw, but i even remarked to myself, in this dream, as my Guide says strange this world was....
This world , thickly populated, and i must have spent an hour flying across miles and miles of....what appeared to be a land that was "in" about 1700 AD!! that timespan. I could see people in "colonial" costumes and "brand new" houses that today House-Restoration people DROOL over! As if i went back in Time. No. I did not: this place was the next level up and just one of many many worlds, on that level.
[once, my deceased father came to talk to me, in my Dreams and he showed to me a bit of his "new york state farmers world"---HIS words----I could see 1880 vintage farms and farm equipment of that period.
*that* was the world that my father's grandfather was born into!]
I was too too far up in the air to see really anything of detail....I have no idea whether this is a place that some of today's dying go to, or is this place a place where residents of the "real" 1790 times went to, and are still there yet, by Choice? probably people from both!
Then i appeared into yet another world. here, my Guide spoke....he spoke immediately as i came "up" into this world, perhaps he Knew that a roaring car would wake me up and ruin this dream, after all it was only 3 am, and *most* tallahassee FSU college kids are still coming home from their clubs, then, on a night-before-holiday!! he told me this realm is a realm of "Arts and Humanities". he told me that the Temples of Art, music, and other Humaities, are found here. I could see a brightly colored lanscape where there were many large Temple-like buildings, set into parks. ALL of the few temples that i saw had a definite "chinese" look to them, as if this were the "china" section of heaven. why "china"??
....because *just* as the car woke me up, i Sensed that my Sister, passed away in 1986, was a Director
"CEO" of one of these temples! [MSW social work professor and Director of hospital social work departments, in life!]. alas, i never got to see her, perhaps this Dream was to lead up to THAT, a visit with her. one of her "lifebitches" was how the world was full of Insensitive, lout-ty, "rednecky"
people who made life Miserable for her while alive.
How Fitting! that one of "these" people, with his loud loud muffler car, who seemed lost, and maybe drunk, trying to find an address to let off his friend....[translation: he tooled around and around, and yet more driving, around where i lived, making the *maximium* noise that was possible!]
yes how "fitting"----she could not see me coming up to heaven to visit her, as "one of those people" interrupted the experience! as they always DID, in her life! thus the only way that she could reach me is to have a "redneck" intrusion to "ruin" the experience: otherwise she would not reach me at all!! the intrusion *must* occur simultainiously, or else she would not Contact me! If she failed to get me near her, in heaven, that car would NOT have come by! that link, of Association, being a link-in-the-soul, Remains....remains...remains!
translation and caution: one's attitudes will carry with you into heaven for a *VERY VERY* long time!!
from Sam, my Shaman friend: he tells me from heaven that there are at least TEN years in heaven for one earthly year that goes by. that means my sister has been in heaven at least 160 years! 160 years and the same soul concepts are still with ya!

---*that* may mean that when i die and go see and to meet her, for the first re-unional time, three
"redneck" souls will intrude and I will let them be *equally* part of the reuinion, the five of us having the reuinion! I will have to treat these three other souls *as if* they were as Important as my sister, as if I had known them all of my earthly life *as* "soul-friends" of my sister!

Saturday, November 09, 2002

today there was a special help, "fair" at a local church. I walked around town to try to tell as many homeless-looking people about this event that i could find.

many were apprecitive.

however, i was dismayed at the great number who were very very angry! angry that i told them. angry at me, and even more angry *at* the idea of a "help fair"!!

one guy says...."that thing is for the fucking crack addicts, i Do Not Go"!!
---he is an alcoholic!!
maybe alcohol is a bit "pure-er" than a crack addiction!

another guy just rages.

a terrible terrible suspician Looms!
that is....that those who "need" it the most, are the LEAST likely to go! and....that the very concept of "being homeless' often
is such that these people do not go! if they Could...they would not have been homeless as surely there would have been
attempts made, over the years, to find a way of life to get off the streets!
thus...the very fact of being homeless often is also having the inability to find aid!!

one would have to FORCE street people to attend, "for their own good"!!!

i fear that many people with problems will just end up COOKING in their problems for years and years...just a-cooking in their pains, for years and years, until the very soul-essence of Pain is distilled out!!

Friday, November 08, 2002

Friday, November 08, 2002


yesterday, I met my Math Match! The math That Eats me!! I bow in humility, over what i

first, the stats.
---father died at 73 years.
---mother at 68
--sister at 42

my mother had that Vision where she was shown that she would die ten years away and that
her husband would die at 72. Spirit gave to him that one year EXTENSION as my father had a
Spirit conversion experience and forgave me so that we two could meet and had a wonderfull
reuinion and he died on Christmas day at 73 years, the one year extension.

---I was pondering the meanings of the periods of time between their death dates, these three
family members, and my birthday...or my "anounciation date" where on may 13th 2002, i,
myself, was shown that I had but one more year to live!

my sister died on march 17th at 42 years. my birthday is june 28th. there are 103 days between
those two dates.
42 + 61 = 103
I am 61 years old, and will be 61 years old until june 27th of 2003!

if Prophecy is true, i will die at 61 years of age
61 plus the space between sisters death date and my birth.

i did the same study for my mother and my father.
between xmas and the may 13th 140 days, taking into account that there is one
day for leap year, on the average.
i get
72 + 68 = 140
140 days between xmas and may 13. but father died at 73! yes he did, but my mother's vision
was for him to die at 72: spirit gave him one more year.

read: encoded in his death date and my may 13th vision!!

*that*, i find, is why "may 13th" and not, say, "may 12th" or may 5th"!...was the number used!

encoded in the very numbers...

and ya know, Do i *want* to ask spirit to live longer?!


just now, as i was writing this article, i had to quit and move to another area of the library as
the lady sat near me with her pufume SO so so strong that my disabled lungs reacted!
no clubs
no movies.
no churches
i have to move to another table in about 2 out of 10 meals that i eat, and move on the bus to
another seat...often!

i read that perfuming is more and more becoming the thing! men too!
I feel that i have much fewer public accesibilities than a wheelchair person does!

I *really* do not want to live the rest of my life in a cabin on the texas plains, alone and away
from all of perfumed, chumical-fumed, humanity!! my Condition worsens as i get older, like of
the rest of my family....
NO THANK YOU....for an extension beyond that one year!!

Thursday, November 07, 2002


this 7 am coffeeshop entrance, proved to be a surprise. on the way to the shop, i passed the niche where the homeless guy LIVES! a small 4 x 4 corner, sheltered overnight, then he wanders the streets all day Bumming cigs and change and just sits on the benches. been doing that for near a year. he was gone from the niche today.
where i usually sit, in the coffeeshop, there he was!
I sat near him and he turned to me and asks me to buy him a cup of coffee, in a certain tone of voice, a tone that sounded like a "warm lost puppy a-looking for a home..w-o-n-t you take me in and CARE for me for life?"!!

I told him to ask the counterlady and when she told him "no", he walked out.

for a moment i had Remorse. was 40 degrees out there and surely that niche brick wall was NOT warm!
[what is he gonna do when the 7 am temp is 28?!]
but I just Knew: that if i touched him, i would have him for life! i would have him there every single morning and i would buy his coffee, never reading the paper even.
probably "should" invite him to live with me, eventually"

[a liberal once wrote..."see the homeless? you have an extra room in your house do you not: have the person live with you"]

---and i would then have him *as* a pupil-of-life! i would then be responsible for him, and all his choices will depend upon me and if any of them are wrong, then he is NOT to blame for it, tis my fault.
he has a soft voice, a softness of "no backbone"
he even looks like that young kid who became the Disciple of the Sniper! *this* is how this kid followed him, a soft puppy-of-a-kid, who feels that it is up to everyone else to Care for him and if he freezes or is everyone's fault for Ignoring him!
I saw it then...that this 18-year old man would then follow me around the city....i would have a "shadow".

ah...counselors-who-read this journal entry...i ask you: *would* such a thing work?! only if he can internally build a inner backbone of inner will, from being with me for a couple of years where i devote MOST of my time to just him! as i see it, right now, he feels that the Place for this "backbone" is in the actions and lives of others....not upon him. some would call him "a slacker...lazy"!
right now, he is "putty", putty to be shaped by whomever he lives with and Believes.
----goes much much deeper than that! goes to the very soul, a soul that could feel that he has no inner will of his own and that it really does depend upon others!!
"no good family" probably. no good childhood.
*like* that sniper "boy"!

once, i was walking to the post office and i passed a row of houses. suddenly a NEW-taken-home puppy bounded out to me, from the open door of a house! followed by the owner in slippers! that puppy just loved to be near my leather boots. i told the lady, as she picked up this puppy,
"that i will NOT touch it as if i DID, it would
bind to me, as it is a very young puppy, it would imprint that I was its master!" i told this lady "that if i petted it, now--- in ten years i could come down this street again and that dog would bound out to greet me! it would do so as it IS my dog, much much more than it is yours as it imprinted itself to me back then!"!

---I do not have the Time or the Inclimation to be responsible for a kid's life!
today i deleted my "freestonestuff"....."freestone's incredibilities" weblog!

---name was not right. too too much time to keep it going, this weblog. now i can spend more time on my other weblogs. i will place some of the articles that i find incredible, on the "near-death" weblog.

i think, too, that some of the posts were SO long, in the article length that "overflow' occured with the server!
there were so so many template problems with that weblog, eventually i could not even post into it, and ev and crew, with their 800,000 weblogs, no time ever to get to it to correct it!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

the lady at the bus stop!

this 7 am morning, the sky was dark and cold, a drizzle fell coldly. Usually i am alone at the bus stop, way way out at the edge of town.
this morning, though, there was a lady there. she had about four plastic bags full of stuff, clutched in her hands. i found out that she originally came from boston....1200 miles away. my psychic antenna
told me that she had a history of mental institutions and a dis-combobolated life. she tells me that she follows the lord. a lost looking lady in her maybe-40s. a lady that *looks* like a week of cloud at 38 degrees fareniheit...a drizzle afalling.
I was afraid to even ask of what her life was like: IS like, now!
some of these ladies, if touched, I would Have Her for a year and NO WAY to be able to have her self-uplift her spirits!
----reminds me of that talk i had yesterday with my friend at the coffee shop: we talked about one of his friends who "did the do"!!
that is...he had a one night stand, produced a kid, who turns out to be a kid-from-hell, now 16, and the couple, divorced, now fight like cats and dogs...with many MANY lawyers in attendance!
seems many many people are far far far more closely in relationships in HATRED than in love!
they get married, spend several months togther, then they cannot stand each other. can they separate and Go On...NO! especially if there are kids...each uses the Cruise missle of "lawyers" to salvo each other.
every bit of both lives are uterly utterly CONSUMED by this, of course. he.she can talk to no one about nothing else but The Relationship and how the Bastard did so--and--so to me! they cannot let go: thus they are now actually more "loving" in their hatred than they were when they loved! closer together...two
parachutists falling together, clutching each other, the chutes failing to open and 20,000 feet to go till ground! Morge-ing his friend tells me, that this guy is doing. gotta pay the lawyers somehow!
---and the kid....??
living with him now, a drug counselor's nightmare!

so now every bit of his brain-cell hard drive is filled with Thoughts of Her and his hatred of-to her!
and likewise her to him! each WILL win....each cannot lose...

thus they have a much closer relationship than most happily married couples!

not only sowing dragon's teeth, but broadcasting them from the air, like they plant rice seeds!
---our next generation!

ya know...the word that i dislike to hear the most, a word that just REEKS of "gritting of teeth" and
"clinched fists" the phrase


Tuesday, November 05, 2002


something strange with blogger, i lost much of the code, in my template, for webrings and lower-page links!!
except for "simple" webrings, like, i better stay away from them....keep my template simple, in the future!!

so that is why the rings are gone!!

Monday, November 04, 2002

finished my color scheme!

ya know....I have been to a number of weblogs, now, and i have seen all the many of them where the colors were OUTRAGIOUS
and neat: but "red ink-print on a red background"?!!

so i ended up with colors that i could read, a good contrast between print and backgrounds!
I have read earthchange prophecies and I Have Read Earthchange Propecies!
this here on is of the latter: the One that i would hold to be the *most* true, of all the Prophecies that I have read!
Annie Kirkwood
channels Mother Mary. Directly. Here is her messege on June 2 0f 2002, a messege to tell what is to come for that year and the years up to 2012.

[a messege in 1996 tells how the Changes were to have begun THEN, but that Spirit
gave to us all a Time of Grace, so that we all could prepare and to Finish up our karma and soul-schoolings!]

Annie Kirkwood, Author
Rte 1 Box 100
Bunch, OK 74931-9705
Phone 918-696-5998

June 2, 2002 — Prophesy

Shirley MacLaine asked Annie to be on her radio talk show and to discuss Mary's Message and Mary's predictions. Annie
asked Mother Mary for the latest predictions. They are:

Annie ask

I call upon Mother Mary to please give me some new information and prophesy for our future. I will be speaking on
the predictions in a little while and would like something to tell people about these next few years beginning with the
rest of 2002 and then so forth. What did you mean by saying that 2012 would be a monumental year?

Mother Mary answered

My dear daughter, it is with pleasure that I come to you today. For truly you have set your own issues aside. You
realize it is the first time in a very long time, that you asked for this type of information. Let us begin.

My dear children,

Since Annie has asked specifically for this information, I will tell you what to expect in the next few years.

Let me explain first that these changes, which are taking place, do so in the normal pattern of growth of creation.
Before, I taught you that all things come as the tides do. Have you ever stood with your lower legs and feet in the
ocean? If you have, you have felt this normal pattern of growth. It comes forth with a surge and then retreats with
equal force. There will appear to be times when more and more is happening on earth as far as weather and nature.
But the changes are happening in every area of your world. The changes you call earth changes, are happening to
every part of earth and life on earth. So when it appears that nothing is happening in nature, look to the weather to
see the changes, or to economic or governmental or religious changes taking place now. This is all part of the earth
and every area, everything that is on, or of this earth will change drastically.

For the next several years, all about you will be wars, regional and at times they will grow to seem to encompass the
whole world. But that will not be so. These wars will be different from any war fought previously. You have already
seen evidence of this in the last year or so. What you call acts of terrorism, are actually acts of war. No longer will
all wars be fought with a definite line of demarcation. Many wars will be fought where one or both of the warring
parties will not have a real identity, or more like a definite identity. It will seem that small groups of the disenchanted
will rise up and commit acts of terrorism just for the sake of creating havoc. So expect to have such acts of
aggression create much fear and panic. Most often they will strike at times, and in places, and in ways, not thought
of before as acts of aggression.

This year you will have one huge storm come in off the ocean in your eastern seaboard. It will be one of the largest
to come through in known history. In the next two to three years more volcanoes will become active. This activation
of volcanoes lets you know that the inner earth is unsettled and that the magma is coming close to the surface of
earth. These volcanoes are not the ones to fear; it is the activation of the super-volcano that will destroy many parts
of the world. There is one becoming active and preparing to explode even as we speak. But the number of
volcanoes that will become active will be more than usual. There will be other storms of large size which will hit
many parts of the world. There will be a storm to come out of the Indian Ocean and decimate the lands of India and
other smaller nations island.

In your country this will be a hot wet summer. You will feel as if you have been given a steam bath before the
summer is over. Rain will fall in the desert areas. They will have record rainfalls. In other growing areas it will be
too much rain which will affect the growing of crops. It may be that there will be scarcity in some food groups. It
would be wise if the people of this nation would take up the hobby of growing foods, even a few vegetables, and
plant more fruit trees.

Many areas will suffer mud slides, so as the rain increases during this time there will be an increase in these mud
slides and in flooding of unusual portions.

In the next few years, whenever a new wave of increase and intensity of storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes
comes, they will increase by a large ratio. It will be a definite change and not a slight one. So for a year, or several
years, it may seem that nothing is happening; then out of the blue there will a tornado that has gone beyond anything
that has come before, or an earthquake that has gone off the scale. Then there will appear to be a period of
normalcy and you will think that was so unusual it will not happen again. Then in a few years another storm, or a
large volcano or a larger earthquake will happen again. This is how it will be.

In the years 2003 or early 2004, there will be a great earthquake in Mexico which will rock one of the largest cities
of the world. In those same years earthquakes will multiply in frequency in all parts of the world. China will be hit
hard and many will lose their lives. Earthquakes will happen in Turkey, India, the South Seas, Africa and in Russia.

In the years 2005 or so, a large volcano will explode in the South Seas, and another will happen in the furthest
northern reaches of this country. This year will bring with it unseasonable cold to many nations of the world. After
this year (2005), it will appear that things will have slowed down. Yes there will still be another increase in the
unusual as far as weather goes. But your danger is always from yourselves. From your fellow man and his

2006 and 2007 will bring the greatest danger of a world war. Many nations will be fighting among themselves and
then there will the aggression of unknown sources, or a better term would be new sources. Pray much to avert this
time. At the same time there will be increase of rain and thunderstorms of unusual proportions.

2009 will be the year that the earth will have more turmoil than usual; people will lose their lives through natural
disasters and through acts of aggression. Large numbers will return to spirit.

2012 is the year that all things collide and explode into a new era. It is the year you are in danger from outer space.
From things that come to you from these regions and land on earth. A meteor of large portions will come either close
or fall on earth during this year. It will be a replay of history. This large meteor will be so large it will change earth
and all who are on earth in a flash. This will also be the era of the turning of earth. Of a time of great change in
lands and land areas of oceans and the displacement of oceans, of the rising of new lands, and the settling of old
lands beneath the sea.

Now this is predicted, but understand that you can change much through your prayers and through your love. You
can do more to affect your world than you know. When I speak of love, I do not speak only of the holding of the
thought of love, or only of being kinder, or helping your fellowman more. I speak of all of this and of forgiving,
becoming peaceful inside yourself. Of spending more time in prayer and in meditation. This is what you can do to
avert many of the things in your future, but realize that we do not stop evolution. You cannot stop growth; you don't
have to experience that growth in a disastrous manner though.

I call you to change your inner life. If you are unforgiving and hating any person then stop, forgive them and
yourself. If you are not living in inner peace because of addiction or past abuse, forgive. If you are filled with anger,
resolve it. If you life in fear, eliminate it from your life and trust in God. Go within; cleanse your heart and mind of all
that keeps you from experiencing inner peace, and all that is not loving.

Pray, and pray, and pray—for yourself, your loved ones and for your world. Yet never forget that you are spirit and
that your life on earth is temporary and not at all your entire life. For you live eternally and when you die on earth
your spirit lives. You and all of us were created as spirits in God's image and likeness. Human is your temporary
condition; spirit is your permanent condition. Love yourself unconditionally and love your loved ones, make peace
with estranged family members ... and yes, this means you. Forgive all things, for nothing is more important than this.
You came to bring peace to earth; you do it one at a time, one life at a time. You can live in peace now. You can
have a bright future now, it takes your prayers, your belief, and you changing and cleansing your inner life.

Thank you for listening to me this day. Pray, love, be at peace.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Saturday, November 02, 2002

---oh the joy of colors!
I finally found a color table for all the letters and numbers for my template! just what *did*
"FF66HH" mean, anyway?!!

now i know!

---you can go Color your own weblog, now!!
---oh the joy of colors!
I finally found a color table for all the letters and numbers for my template! just what *did*
"FF66HH" mean, anyway?!!

now i know!

---you can go Color your own weblog, now!!

Friday, November 01, 2002

so I am going to DIE in six months or so...!!

Still a bit abstract, this.
Tis hard for me to imagine what is not imaginable, except for my dreams that tell me what i will
see later!

*IS* that Vision Believeable, anyway?
after all...I have had many dreams of Dying and they always mean "some transformational
change where a part of me will die"!

[I could write 50 pages about my mother and HER vision, and all of that, where she was given
ten years, in HER vision, from the same Source as my Vision!! I was Told..."In ONE year you,
freestone, will begin your Spirit life"!]

*THIS* vision, i feel, is real. for real. I would not even dare pray to change it, if i could change
that death date as i would also have to utterly utterly know WHY
that I, or the Masters, set it up this way for me to die on that Time! Would i want to tinker
blindly, beliving the cultural "rant"...."a long life at all costs"?!!


I would also have to know why the time is set up the way it is, before changing it: there
probably is a *good* reason why it is so Timed!

Kinda puts the ole material world into proper perspective!
--the ads!
--the fears of failures.
--plans for my future
--health and diets.

of course i have to also assume that this Time *could* be altered by Spirit.
then again, not so!!

I note that the list of journals and weblogs are endless, all with comment lines where i can
comment. then there are the articles that i could write about "political rants"

I am on a golf course green with a pair of nail clippers snipping the grass with them, instead of
using a lawnmower! each "blade' is a comment that i could make, to the world. never ends. if i
DO get to the end of the green, on my hands and knees, that other side of this green where i
bagan snipping....the grass is ready to needs to be cut again!!

I, with my "northern yankee new york city-ish"
rants about "everything and anything", may have to keep my mouth shut, in Humility to
Knowing that there is no Use in doing this anymore!

what do i *DO* with my six-plus months?!

keep tuned!