Thursday, October 24, 2002

a xanga site person wrote a nice entry, ending it with....

"life is good. i am calm...but back to reality. my dream: to make this calmness and magical
a constant reality in my life."

my comment to her.....

i like that!!
that little paragraph makes my day!

there are so few ADULTS that seem to live a life of imagination, around me! I ride the bus a lot
and see people who take life on the chin and think only that the tombstone is a dead end and
not a door!
i am not "morbid"...if one believes the grave is not one's end, then one believes in Heaven with
the Angels, the Spirits, the spiritguides, and all the wonderfull heaven places that have
HIDDEN connections with the earthsphere!

my sites...
"my life after near death experiences"
I have had many visions of the afterlife worlds over the years...I have seen heaven with my
own eyes!!
"a year to live"
--one of these visions gives me a year to live!!

yes, i applaud you for trying to make
calmness and magicfeelings a part of your life! If every wonderfull life-experience is a ticket
punched here on earth, then after you die then each punched ticket will admit you to a Temple
and School, in heaven! try to get heaven *in* your heart and life, now, here on earth: then
your will be there now!!

as i say, i see so so many people who are in HELL! a hell of their own makings...
so many people bitch about the city they live in. they "hate" the place. but there is always
something wonderfull about any place one lives in! trick SELF-VALADATE
that nice way of seeing your place, to make *that* perception, the "real" one! if it rains all of
the time, say, then learn to see the beauty of the misty foggy mornings!

like is much like listening to a radio station! if you come across a station with a wonderfull cut
of music playing and you are "not in the mood' for it, then that music might as well not be there
at all! thus YOU have to hear that music and then create the mood and the interest for that
music; THEN this music will sound magicly good!
so many people say they are "bored" they can be in a resort or a small city, and still say that!
but this means that they have no interest in anything "out there"! you gotta get the interest
first! Il ived in my hometown, in the 90s, a small upstate ny town of 600 people...years later
someone asked me how i could even stand the boredom! i spent an hour trying to tell this
person about a typical day! the letters unanswered...the books never opened, as i had so so
much that i wanted to do, in a day!