Saturday, October 12, 2002

"where is your umbrella?"!

---As i walked across Campus this morning, to the Library, i walked slowly, enjoying the nice warm morning: about 10 AM, the birds sing and the land is lush and green, the sky has only a few high clouds in it. Library opens at 10. i got there two minutes early and in front of the still locked door, a man turned to me and said something to me.
he is about 65 or so. maybe retired, maybe part-time, a library professional. He works in "Documents". He *looks* "documents" too!! i see him there each and every saturday at 10 am, he is always the first in line. the document section is in the basement, there are no windows. my "from 500 feet away" perception, of this man, is that "documents" and their Management *IS* his life.
I have seen him at Macdonalds, across the street, just waiting for the library to open, a puppet without it's
strings, as if Documents is all that is real, for him: his wife has passed on...he lives alone...documents is his life.

so. he turned to me and uttered a "critical-sounding' statement, as if I offened him by my absence of an object.
"where is your Umbrella?", he says.....
a blue sunny sky. but in HIS world...."no umbrella" = "not SAFE"!
could rain. could do a lot of things, gotta be safe.

would be very very easy to "Dis" this man, be "down' on him, for being so so "neuroutic"!

---my take.
so you go to a library for some *very* detailed research. people like him make sure that each and every document is there and in place: your whole research depends upon people like him! same with those "nerdy" programmers who look like pale ghosts as they *never* go out for some sun! they root out each and every code-error, so that YOU can surf and access your sites!

they are the foot-soldiers, the front line people, for managing all of the books and documents that
must be In Place, Exactly, on the shelf, so that they can be Found!

Spirit tells me that there are temples in heaven where a spirit person can find the location of each and every deceased relative that has come to heaven before matter how long ago! In the vastness of heaven's realms, these "akasa record" keepers and managers let no soul slip through their fingers and their Records.
I will Guess who will be one of their fellow workers, after he dies!
when *you* arrive in heaven some day, you will DEPEND upon many souls just like of this Librarian, to keep the heavenly records in order!
You, [and me] , probably have at least 10,000 souls, that know you....and that you might like to find, and they find you, after you get settled in your space in heaven! Souls like this Librarian, will
be the record-keepers.