Friday, October 11, 2002

well, seeing that i went to Germany the night before and wrote up that account, here, yesterday, i was given, last night, yet another dream of going to see a , for me, a strange place!

here i am, a "whitey", a WASP, born and raised in the rural upstate new york, and when i first saw television as a 16 year-old kid, in about 1957, i wondered about a certain ad that tried to tell me about
"getting along with the black, Negro, race". Negro?? who? what?

Now I live in the heart of Dixie, tallahassee, fla.

---the dream. all that I can recall of it, is this: that i walked through a small town to the outside of town to where the countryside began and there were many small old houses. Interesting for me to talk to this "black young man" and shake his hand in the "yo brother" Way, saying that same expression. then going to talk to a family in one of the small old farmhouses.
[ a Northerner, in 1950, might say..."that i went to the black side of a small town, in the south"!]

Interesting. Russia, germany, france.....from all over.
---perhaps the reason comes from what my Angelic Advisiors tell me, in my dreams! they tell me that I probably will work with and help other new-heaven-arrivees heal/restore/learn, in some way. i understand that *most* people, when they arrive into heaven, they go to their Place! the place or places that have many of their kind of people. thus the Farmer from upstate new york will go to "farm world"
My father, about six months after he died, he came to me in dream to talk. he told me that now he was living in what he called "the Victorian new york farm world" i saw scenes. old-looking farmhouses and barns. this is where the decaesed farmers go. at least at first.
but I may NOT go to "my place"...i will be with Humanity, anyone and everyone. german. chinese. African....whatever. to whereever the Angels direct me to go, probably.

I must remove all biases and bigotries Now!!
---and *that* is very very can a tea-bag, sitting in the teacup full of tea, ever get the tea out of the bag? i have been steeped, like that bag, in our culture from birth and had absorbed each and every predjudice, unknowingly....the predjudices *everyone* had, for miles around, in the 1940s.....