Monday, October 14, 2002

---A University in the Spirit worlds.

Las night's dream was very interesting. i could tell that the events of this dream lead me to think that the locale of this University that I spent my night in the
Spirit worlds: a University in heaven!
i can only recall some of the scenes, plus there was my psychological reaction to my being there and overwhemed by it all....

That math class!
the name of the class was something
like..."A/A + TGN...N"
*that* was the name of the course!! can you just imagine what the difficulty level would be like? I sat in this class for one moment, on the first day of its class, and when the instructor began to softly talk a math language so so high above my comprehension, i saw one half of the class get up to leave. And this lecture was only the introduction to the course!
i got up too, and left. outside of the building, i dispaired at even finding the building for where the "add and remove courses" was!
*This* image will remain in my brain, folks....that Vista across the green, where i dispaired, to even FIND that department! i could see about 50 buildings, all about 20 stories tall, and all of them in the most most "avant-garde" archetecture...."star treckees" would be proud...*very* unworldy!!
In THIS university, people flew through the air...popped in and out of "transport booths"! People with robes and "other countries and times" to their looks!

---i dispaired at even taking even one course!
woke up!!

Just how WOULD i approach being a student at such a Spirit University, anyway?! I WILL have that opportunity, very soon!
there will be no fees, maybe no time limit to graduate: so what would i DO, there, upon stumbling/being led, through the gates?
a university that would make a "Cornell"...a "MIT"...a "Yale", look like some Dirtwater City Junior College for fast food servers!

---first; gotta feel out What I Want to DO, with that Learning, afterwards.
---spend a "semester" just sitting in classes to get the feel, and to hang out in the pubs/clubs/coffeehouses, talking to students.

I feel that i would want to become a counselor, in heaven,
to help people become Their True Selves. To maximize their own talants. Self-empowerment, via their own connection with Spirit, within.

Probably means that i need to take a bit of *every* course! from math to science to music to metaphysics to gardening! gotta have a rich rich background so that i can talk to souls, using their own backgrounds, as a Dialogue-base! talk mechcanics in "repair talk", doctors in medical topics, business oriented souls with a business background.... these incoming souls in heaven....someday.
probably have 50 years of college ahead of me!