Wednesday, October 30, 2002

tis interesting how much there is, going on around me, that i note: even with my "weakness" in the Jungian topology of "sense", i see interesting things. what is ALSO interesting is also just how little other people around me do not seem to notice what i notice!!!

---the three canadian geese at the Mall, yesterday! Three dinasuar-sized birds, each about three or more feet large, standing, siting, on the grassy meridian; no one seems to notice.

--there are two kids who get on the bus everymorning, their mother sees them on. the older boy is "puffy"! a bit sullen and self-absorbed, while the much younger girl is "motion in motion", *not* so much hyperactive, but as the hyperactiveness of a GIFTED kid. yesterday she took out her Violin, for
a moment to look at it: she takes violin lessons at about five years old. bright eyes and an intelligent face, quite intense. the Boy, on the other hand, seems dull and "reactive-sullen"!
"whadya do that for"...might be his tone! from the same family!
? ? ?

too...I find that i need maybe twenty minutes or ten paragraphs, even to BEGIN to describe the intricacies
and the interlooping involvements, with anything that i see or talk about: most people have not a clue, apparently! does anyone Notice the kids on the bus? contrast and compare?
Everyone may be Consumed with their lives......
Too too too often, for my likening, i turn to someone, on the bus, or in the mall, and go into a long observation on what i just saw that amazed me: i get a "duh" in return! I do not even mean just talking to an utter stranger, where i would expect to not get the Ear, these people are people who know me!

I can well well now see why many "gifted" kids have psychological problems! all thier young lives they either get put down or ignored! they end up seeing that "it is THEIR problem, their fault: *they* are not OK, they do not fit!
the old story.
this is why many "Intellectuals" become cynical-bitter! they think that they live in "Redneck world"!

they may just be older souls!
I have a couple of relatives, man and wife. she is a very very "real" devout Christian, he is "so-so" as a christian. married now for 40 years. she is very active in the church and Lives the Christian life, a fairly old soul. he is a bit younger in soul, perhaps.
he came from sort of the "other side of the tracks", his parents were a bit of "outlaws".
well...if he, now, is somewhat "not christian" it a failure on his part?
for i wonder what he *would* have been like if he did NOT marry her! what if he had married just another young soul! probably like of a "tomato plant without a trellis to climb up upon"! nothing to pull him upwards to "older soulness"! no role model for him to emulate.
so for all those years, her Influence has helped his soul to Grow older!

same with these Old Souls Amoungst the Rednecks!! role models for all the young souls.
thus...all gifted old souls should "say their say" and "do their do", no matter how recieved by others around them! they influence, subtley, all the young souls around them!