Thursday, October 17, 2002

tia the first cool day for north florida. Suddenly i am aware that it is fall. leaves change now, in my hometown in new york state. summer is over.
May 13th creeps ever ever the closer.
[vision on may 13th 2002: "in one year you, freestone, will begin your spirit life"!]

I look around me at all the lives. young souls, old souls....all trying to dance the dance, of life, the best they can. Most do not think of death. most do not see that "front range" of the Rocky mountains loom before them: they live on the Plains with the deathmountains yet over the event horizen of time.

sorta hard for me too, to comprehend....

I recall, several times in my life, when i had experiences where i wondered IF i could soon die: like that 20 days in the hospital with pnuemonia...1993.
On ONE of these events, after healing, i took a long long walk, out in the open country-side of upstate new york, and prayed in earnest..."Please oh please, Lord...if there is the "real" time of my death that *really* approaches, for "real", and not just "symbolic" of some Change or other, here on earth...
please oh please, Spirit, Let me Know a year in Advance"!!

I got what i prayed for.

but then again i have a History of psychic foreseeings of each and every place that i would move to, months to a year in advance! "photo-clips" of scenes, scenes that I would see when i got there, months in advance.
i have already seen *the* cabin that i will first stay in, when i first get to heaven, in the "appalacian Mountain-land"! also have seen some of this other visions.