Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Required Reading For Today!!
----in the wednesday issue of the new York Times, there is this article. Go to the site to read the entire article. here is a man who recieved one of the very first totally artifical hearts, and he lived for one year. he thinks that he lived that year in vain, should have died!

October 8, 2002

On Medicine's Frontier: The Last Journey of James Quinn


P HILADELPHIA — On the day his doctors disconnected his artificial heart, ending his life, James

It was Aug. 26, nearly nine months after Dr. Louis E. Samuels, a transplant surgeon at Hahnemann University Hospital here,
removed Mr. Quinn's diseased heart and replaced it with a mechanical one, turning the 52-year-old retired baker into a research
pioneer. Now, with his patient brain dead after a stroke, Dr. Samuels was presiding over the unplugging of the device that had kept
Mr. Quinn alive longer than anybody dared hope — perhaps, both he and his surgeon thought, too long.

Mr. Quinn's final gesture marked the last, awful moments in an experiment that ethicists say raises serious questions about the
participation of dying patients in medical research. By the standards of the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees the trial,
the experiment was a success — Mr. Quinn survived more than 60 days with his new heart, more than twice as long as he was
expected to live when he received it.

But his quality of life was poor. In an interview shortly before the stroke that killed him, Mr. Quinn, known as Butch, said that if he
had to do it all over, he would stick with his natural heart.

"This is nothing, nothing like I thought it would be," he said. "If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't do it. No ma'am. I would take my
chances on life."