Tuesday, October 08, 2002


there is a station in Tallahassee that is dedicated to playing modern rock music. i tune across the dial to listen to rock music and avoid the ads, the music stimulates my Imagination: a meditation technique i have.
i notice one interesting thing! Each and everytime that i cross the modern rock station, on the dial, i hear the very same note!
the same note.
every time!!
---it is the sound of an Anguished Wail!! A wail tinged with rage and anger.....
*that* is our Music of Today, i now see......!!
Whether it is rock...rap...hip-hop: the same note is sung or played over and over and over....just one ragefull wail!

for a second my 1959 19-year-old Puritain-nature Arose! " *this* is where Music has sunk to, these days?! And the Kids? They have come to that?!"


I feel that our kids are a symbol of our Souls....collectively.
Thus, i now see that this anger/rage/wail...is *OUR* anger/rage/wail! all of us. you. me. her. him...everyone is like that today! these songs of anguished rages are our songs!

for another second, my 1950 puritan nature raises its voice..."then *this* is how far we all have Sunk"!!


what i now see, in hearing these snits of rage, on the radio, is this:
-----it is the Sound of Accelerated Learning Taking Place! *this* is the sound that a college kid makes
when he sees that he has three weeks of classwork yet to do, when there are only four more days of classes left, in the School year! This Enrichment time of cell phones, internet, weblogs, media, are Tools for learning. surely souls stood in line, waitiing to incarnate to the earthplane, the opportunities to grow in learning, must be the greatest, in the whole of earth's history!

thus *you* with your cell phone bleeping, as you sit in front of your computer, with 57 projects to do before 5PM quiting, with 15 more things to do before bedtime and everything seemingly Falling apart before your eyes....why you are living "ten years worth of life, condensed into one year"!

---I know several, mostly older people, who will *not* touch the Internet because of all the "sleeze and crap" on it!
----or...that they say that "there is nothing good on the internet" [a quote from at least three people that i know!] yes, a mouseclick away from porn to Creative sites. but these people are not doing their class assignment homework, in the school of life, i feel!
as in the medical profession, where the new buzzword is..."the patient should take an active part, in his own healing and become part of the recovery-team": in Life 301 *not* "life 101"! that saying was the saying for about 1959!]
in life "301"...one should take an active part in one's own life choices and actions.
but the choices are a-coming at ya ever the faster!! as ya stand there before the Counter looking at the 58 kinds of MINT-flavored dental floss, trying to Choose....as you go through ten relationships in a year, as you take six jobs and move across country, in that year....
---the Note Sounds, in our Collective Song: the Kids have it right!!