Wednesday, October 23, 2002

---a letter to someone who experiences the deadness of church and ministers and church way of

yes i like that, i can experience your Pain through the protestant churches.

Form without Substance, the preacher talks on and on and on.


a parable.
--once there was a circus that came to town. stayed a week, out at the fairgrounds. everyone
a wonderfull time. a few days later, a reporter came to town to write about the circus. ah! there
was no circus that he could find, it had left! he saw only the pressed grass, at the fairgrounds
and a few
bits of paper here and there that the fairgrounds crew did not get. this reporter had to interview
people who did go, in order to find out about the circus. naturally he did not get the correct
report, as the people made mistakes because of faulty memories.

the circus is the life of Jesus as he lived and died.
the reporter was the Disciples and the writers who wrote from memory about Jesus.

now suppose another reporter were to come to the town a YEAR after the circus! he would not
now even find someone who Remembered being there! he would have to go to the town library
and look up stuff. this second reporter is even FURTHER away from the Event!
this reporter would end up reading what people thought about this circus where the people
would project their own moral/values onto the circus such that the reporter would only find
what the people felt and thought: NOT about what the circus was actually about!
then the people would tell the reporter about
"moral condemation" about how the "sex tent" had strip shows"...and give to the reporter
*their* value-system's recipie-for-livings, in light of how they judged this circus!!

yes, this second reporter is the "church"
2000 years after Jesus. all they have are other people's accounts of Jesus and thus now the
church is more of a SOCIAL INSTITUTION!
tis more important to the church if you are married or not, or how much $$$ you have
[ tithing or donation fodder!]
than spiritual values! tis now all rules and "CEO/Tenure" mentality, unless there are people in a
church that have enough spirit-connection in them to over-ride this

only solution: get in touch with the Spirit-Jesus, within...your very own 1200 AD
[the protestant churches, i feel, need *another* reformation!!]

---if Jesus WERE to come again, probably the church would be the very first one to "throw the
rock" at Jesus, as jesus would not be in agreement with the church teachings! "Sanhedrins" all
over the Sanhedrins were the people in power at the time of His Birth!
---probably lock him up at age 12, in an insame asylum and pitch the key, or give to him a triple
dose of "Prezac", for life!!

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