Monday, October 21, 2002

I wrote a letter to this Psychic/medium lady, and sent to her my "one year to live" vision, write-up, to see
how she would recieve it.

[She has wonderfull channeled article about a "nazi general speaks"...from the spirit world, about some of the inner motives from spirit, of the nazi people during the 1930s. She has a cat section too....about the care and feeding of cats!
she has a weblog too, just recently re-started....should be interesting.]

She replied to me. She told me just what i suspected that she would...very very good advice.
she essentually told me that I set it all up for myself, in spirit, before i was born.
[me or Spirit-guide help] If i want to change it, i can, if not, then not.
change my one year to "live longer".
yes "??", as this throws the ball back to me, of course....I would have to know *WHY* i set it up, first.
probably i set it up for a Very good Reason, at least a good reason for 1938!
Again: would i *want* to tinker with the date?! there may be very good reasons why i set it up that way, or had it set for me. maybe i choose to be there before someone else arrives. maybe, just maybe, the Mechanics of the Spirit world is such that there are certain "openings" in the Temple-classes and schools, where I can only enter at certain periods.
so maybe "asking" for an extension is not wise.

what i DID was to throw the ball back to Spirit. there is a prayer that i have read of, and that i like...
"Do the best thing oh Lord, do what is best for all concerned, including myself".
So i asked Sprit for that, for my "year to live" condition! let the Lord and my True, High, Self, choose what to do, with the reality of 2002 in let Spirit choose, as Spirit and the Guides know all the facts as probably some of the reasons for the Timeline reside in the Spirit worlds, thus unaccessible from the vantage-point of earth.