Tuesday, October 22, 2002


My first wakeupcall to this "Talant" came in the U S Air Force! After my college failure, i Joined....there was a three-month waiting time, though, i spent the three months with my parents. Just a couple a months before my call-up date, i had my first of these dreams. I was shown places on the air bases that i *would* be living at, my workplace, my dormbarracks...etc..etc...

then about a month before I went to Japan for two years, i had a similar dream. the same sort of dream mechanics: I would see a "slide show" of images that might as well have been taken from a camera, of *exact* places, in japan, that i would be living....in a matter of months.
THAT tree...
that street....
and others places, where even the very signposts and the leaves on the trees, would be foreseen.

I could fill up pages and pages....of this weblog, detailing my life where I always have had dreams to Foresee.

Lets see....on December 4th of 2000, I had a dream.
I had *just* died and now I had just awoke and I found myself to now be in a "welcoming hut of awakening", in heaven! This heaven was the "applachiian Mountain land" that i have often dreamed of, where my sister went to live after she died. Now I was here. *WILL* be here!!
this guide welcomed me to this place. we took a walk along the roadway: i met some people, then we two continued. The Guide told me that my sister had now gone onwards to a higher heaven and that her house was vacated, but that another soul was now living there.
[15 years after her death.]
he told me that houses were occupied by incoming souls and that it is the custom, here, to give it to another soul, when it is time to progress onwards.
My sister was now in the Angelic realm, i was told.....
This guide then took me to MY cabin, it was located just *at* the very edge of the world, at the very edge of heaven, where the souls come in from the earth.
my name was beside it....
---and two numbers....
120 420.

? ?

the guide did not tell what they meant....i guess this was to be my job: figure them out!!

yes, been near a couple of years now...here is my Preview of my next place where i will live, just like
all of the other places that i would move to....why not: tis just another place!

first off...i noted that the date...12-04-2000 *is* 12[0] [0]420[00]!!
but this only means that the date is a marker, there is meaning here....

other dreams tell me that my PREVIOUS INCARNATION lived to be 79 years.
79 + 41 = 120 1941 is my birthdate.

the sign at the left: the past up to birthdate.

thus the sign on the right, would be dealing with my whole life + "03"----the year that i am supposed to die, according to my vision, to equal the 420

i have figured out what the 417 means.....[417 + 3 = 420]

my death year was encoded in that dream!!
I musta have had this one set up REAL GOOD...in my lifeplan!