Thursday, October 31, 2002

SA commissions book to prove moon landing really
By Seth Borenstein
Knight Ridder Newspapers

More than 33
years after the
United States
landed men on
the moon, NASA
is spending
more than
$15,000 to
convince people
that it really did
happen and that
the space
agency didn't
make it all up.

Stubborn conspiracy theorists claim that NASA's six Apollo-program moon landings
were faked. After decades of belittling and ignoring them, NASA has decided to fight
back. It hired James Oberg, a Houston-based former aerospace engineer and
award-winning author of 10 books on space, to confront skeptics point by point. Many
scientists already have done that on the Internet, but skeptics remain unconvinced.

"Ignoring it only fans the flames of people who are naturally suspicious," Oberg said
Tuesday in an interview.

Last year, Fox television twice broadcast a show entitled "Conspiracy Theory: Did We
Really Land on the Moon?," and NBC's "Today" show staged a debate on the topic. Last
month Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, punched a conspiracy theorist who
had been pestering him to swear on a stack of Bibles that the landing was real.

After the Fox show first aired, NASA put out a one-paragraph press release titled
"Apollo: Yes, We Did."

Yet a 1999 poll found that 11 percent of the American public doubted the moon landing
happened, and Fox officials said such skepticism increased to about 20 percent after
their show, which was seen by about 15 million viewers.
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11 percent of all people, the poll found!
---and if you count the poll after the show, 20%!

what that means is...about ONE to TWO people out of TEN, do not believe that man landed on the moon!

---this really really struck me, as i rode home on the yesterday bus and some lady asked the driver about the "5:10 bus". the time was 4:00. the day was wednesday, about three days after the time change to
standard time: she was still on Savings time! she muttered, when people told her about the Time Change, that "time does not mean anything to my life"!

---about ten years ago, i stopped to stretch my legs, in a small rural South carolina town. real small. just one main street with about 15 stores. i had no watch so i looked in all the stores to see what time it was. each and every store had a clock and each clock was at a DIFFERENT time! some were hours off!
THEN i got a bad feeling, folks! I had the *distinct* feeling, in my soul, that most of the people in this here town were really about "1920" in their counsciousness! thus if, say, a washing machine were to break down, the housewife get the applience store repair person to come out to fix it: why he would be clueless as to how to fix it! no one would be Able to repair it.....or any of anything that broke down!

One Of Our Problems, as a people, as a country.......
more people than you might like to know, are utterly utterly CLUELESS as to how to live or even function
in our 2002 times! cannot read, cannot that man 30+ years old who asked me about the Bus...he could not read numbers!
---or that 20+ year old man who worked in the donut shop who did not know left from right!

There *was* a time when none of this Mattered! one's orientation, in the world and in life, was measured by how you loved and were loved! if you had to Choose, decide,think...about something; you went to an Authority that you Trusted, and let this person do it for you! a man with a mule on a 40 Acre field on the farm that he owned, ten miles out of town, with wife, ten kids, and 157 relatives/inlaws/friends..."man on the moon" was utterly utterly IRRRELEVANT to his, or to anyone's life around him!!
life, then, *was* work, mostly on the farm: when you were no longer able to work, due to age, you sat
on the front porch all day.
---I met a man in 1970 Rochester, ny, who was walking near a building that he retired from a couple of years ago. he work for 60 years in the same buildiing, the same Room!