Saturday, October 19, 2002

ah time and then there is time. apples ripen and then the rot-time comes and then it is time to go on to another apple tree!

if MY vision tells me aright, i have about 6 to 8 months to "one year to live" journal is about that.
a letter to someone.

yes the moon affects me too, the times of "doing something when it is time". everything is like that...there is a time for everything and the mind and soul is suppossed to meander like a river but the modern age is like an interstate highway and there is no flow. me, myself, i meander. always seem to take the longest route, either in space or time.

I have no regrets, i would live my life without changes if i had to do it again. and i have had over 100 visions of the afterlife worlds too, the tombstone is a door, not a dead end.