Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Death to all trees!!! What IF all the temperate forest trees and woody-bushes DIE?! This is a "sleeper' and no one Notices, notices that this could have more of an Impact upon humanity than AIDS, I suspect, in 10 to 20 years!! wake up everyone!!
---all north american trees and bushes die!
---no more apples, pears, etc...etc.
---no trees!
---no wood.
---60% of the forest/bush dependant temperate lands animals become extinct!
---imagine the whole pacific northwest without a *single* tree!
---imagine Dayton, Ohio, or Chicago....not a tree or bush to be found!
---all the redwoods and sequoias become extinct.

In the Science section of tuesday's new york times, there was this here article about trees dying.
I give to you all just a bit of the article, the link is below. there, at the link, is the rest of this article.

[October 1, 2002
As Trees Die, Biologists Battle Back

"""Such is the power of this plant pestilence that has infiltrated much of California and jumped to Oregon, and that
researchers fear could easily spread to the midwest and east. The disease has already killed tens of thousands of trees in
California and spread to 17 different species, including huckleberry, big leaf maples, rhododendrons and bay trees.
Scientists have found it can also infect the northern red oak and pin oak, species that are widespread in the East and
Midwest. Recently, the United States Forest Service declared large regions of the East, including the southern
Appalachian Mountains, whose climate would probably suit the disease, as areas of high risk."""

""""Some days I think maybe it's not going to be so bad," Dr. Rizzo said. "But maybe the real effects of this disease are
going to be played out later, 15 years from now. Dutch elm disease, chestnut blight took 50 years. Sudden oak death was
just observed seven years ago." """

-----another article.

----or this very very Lucid, scientific, article about this brand new fungus that never has ever been seen on the earth before! read: "no natural Immunity"!!!