Saturday, October 05, 2002

---a comment that i made to someone......
"about how each of us is handicapped in some way, often not visible to others"!

yes while i have most of my journals over at
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I DID discover that i needed to get a site in order to comment, like back to you!!

and i know the secret of the handicapped! the secret is.....that we ALL are handicapped in some way! all all too too often this handicap is not visible to others so that they do not make allowances for it! after all, that "red tipped cane" for the blind person, is really for US, as it is a flag for us to make allowances and aids to this blind person.

Some of us are handicapped...being:

Genetic-driven depression/ADD/manic-depressions/autisms.

a woman.
a man "in the wrong place and time!

my sister had a wheelchair person in her office that had more access-rights than she! My sister *looked* healthy, but she had a medical allergy to cigarrette smoke and in 1980 illinois, there were few places that she could go to, publicly! but she LOOKED very ok!

It is what we *do* with this disibility that Counts! can we overcome it?
can we even use it as a Talant...a strength?!