Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Been weblogging so long now that I have a lot of links, mostly to Interesting
weblogs that i have come across. I finally got a weblog going, of *just* my links!
They are mostly other weblogs, with a few spiritual sites and tech sites.

Each link has a short review and comment, about it. Alas, i have so little time to read all of each site, let alone checking them all weekly! a bit "compulsive/collective"! Maybe *YOU*, reader, might benefit more from linking to my linkweblog, more than i will: you might find something interesting there.
Now that "freestonelinks" is big enough to actually be interesting to others, I will promo it a bit!

If you want to, you may submit to me *your* link to your site and i may put it in my page if I like it.! Put it in the comment box or mail me at