Wednesday, September 11, 2002

well it is the 11th:mandatory writings about 9-11!

betcha someone, by next year, will try to get this date to be a Federal/National Holiday!

i suppose it was inevitable, 9-11! They do not like us too well. there is room only for one civilization, perhaps, on this planet! One of them, the Arabian/muslim civ.
is not set up for Tolerance!
how many movies, books, musics, plays, mags....have ya read-seen-heard lately from the arab world. of late?!
NONE, probably!!
"Creative arts" are *not* part of their way of life! one is to obey, one is to follow the muslim Authority, there.
no art. no movies, no minority groups. no gays. no hispanics. no autism, no Differences between people. everyone has their place and do not question.
We are seen as the "evil ones"! they would convert us.

yes, they saw the trade center as the very teeth of the monster that is rushing towards their juggler vein, to do their way of life In! make women equal to men, have Rights?! protect children?! undo their way of Fundamentalism of religion?!
In a Clan culture where the outside world, like the desert, is seen as THREATENING, the walled compound of the Clan is The One Sure way!
---and WE would put a macdonalds into their neighboorhood and a internet connection into every home and teach the women how to read and to think for themselves!

two roosters in a small henhouse: only room for One....good thing they do not have 10,000 nukes, like old Russia did....or else there Would be war!