Thursday, September 05, 2002

well, i finished my "project"! this here site has a real good deal, for someone who cannot download files....they will burn REFERENCED download urls to a cd and mail it to me!
thus I found those ftp sites with all of those shareware rpgs and for $6.00 per 600 megs, why i 'went to town"!!
i musta got three cds with 20 to 40 games per--------
even if i only got maybe 30 games per cd, that would be at least 80 games in all.
If i were to successfully install 70 of these, and if only ten of these were so "bad" that i trashcanned
them immediately.....that gives 60 games.
If i were to count three weeks per game, lets see....that will be 180 weeks.

---this does NOT include the 40+ commercial games awaiting, in my closet, the games like Baldur's gate II, and Daggerfall....100+ hours for each of just those two!

I hear the wistfull sad sound of "Tinkling bells", in my Imagination, folks! anyone who has followed my journals, over the months, might see what my lament is Leading To!!
May 13 2002. "In One year, freestone, you will begin your Spirit life"!
I will Soon be entering a New World, a rather rather large world, a new RPG....

so i guess there is about 8 months left, maybe 10 months.