Friday, September 27, 2002

sometimes i try to imagine what i need to do, here, now, to get ready to go to heaven....even after my dreams tell me that "there is nothing more that i can do to get ready"?!

this morning, i prayed to have a different approach to this matter. After I die, seeing that i am somehow "supposed" to be some sort of aide/counselor/healer to other incoming disturbed/dysfunctional a "job description" there in heaven, after probably "schooling" of some sorts to learn how to do this: what I need to do, in my short time left, is to "get ready" by seeing what i can do here that will help my Ability to do this work, there in heaven, better!

somehow i feel it is NOT in "joining some religious order or monestary, in prayer, purification, and pentenance"!
perhaps it is in playing computer games and reading GRAPHIC novels ["adult" comic books!].
perhaps it is in reading zillions of weblogs!

----to develop my Imagination, especially in imaginating how it is to look at life through someone else's way of being and thinking/feelings! HOW can i relate with a "client", there in heaven, unless i have some of his way of life IN my soul, to start with? If i can not imagine it, i cannot see it in others, in heaven.

Gotta think out of my own box!
there are probably 126,093+ ways of life that my mother would *not* approve of, or cannot even imagine!
My little town of Interlaken, all 600 souls...they, many of them, see life through a *small* set of glasses
and Judges everyone by their Values. I have a relative, a wonderfull christian lady...she listens to Christian Radio all day long. wonderfull values...her and the radio mindset: betcha 99% of my "clients" in heaven do NOT share those values, though! what does Christian radio think about..."homo. Lesbo. hip-hop.
Scientology.LSD.Shintoism.hippie.Pearl Jam. Hopi.Exu.[Spiritist religion] NPR."...etc...etc.?!!

-the galaxy Looms huge, overhead....they say that there are 10,000,000 stars *just* within the bowel of the Big Dipper... the number of stars in our Galaxy must be Huge. probably 10,000,000+ planets with Ensouled
beings. I wonder how my home town and Christian radio would deal with the Mores and Morals and Ethics...of some of these 10,000,000 races? I will meet some beings from some of these places, in heaven: gotta get out of my Mindset!