Monday, September 30, 2002

--oh the Wonder of plastic bags!
[ ijust got one to use to carry away some printed paper, i printed a LOT here at the other library as the other library uses ink that is TOO TOO irretating, for me!]

at least for a person with Reactions to chemicals!
as long as the bags are not scented or put next to my face!

there are many people out there who react to fumes and chemicals and i am one of them! runs in my family: my sister was medically allergic to cigarette smoke and the wheelchair lady, in her office, had more public access rights than she did!
moral: some people who LOOK healthy, on the outside, may actually be much more handicapped than anyone who looks handicapped!

someone looked at me strangely as i RAN up to the bus and used my Disibility card! I told her that i have to sit three seats away from her as her perfume would
knock a dog down at 50 yards, so she would never be attacked by a dog! i told her a can run just a bit but that church is OUT!
---with books and many newspapers and clubs and mall stores and movie theaters!

I was a miner's canary in my past life, so to speak!

I read that there are a group of people who live in a Colony, in texas...they build their huts from scratch and line it with the allergic's friend...aluminum foil. they all are allergic to PLASTIC! they are also allerfic to near they live in a pure air place and wear only raw cotton clothes and no body cologones and deoderents at all.

So i have a "half full cup". i can go out and do things...least a computer screen does not smell! as long as the wirings do not outgas, in the computer!
but i have trouble with the walkthroughs for my games as they are printed on paper using INK!

they changed it the last ten years! book paper too! the National geographic is off limits. i have not a book or mag in my home unless it is sealed away in the cupboard!
I can read a newspaper IF it sits a bit to outgas!