Wednesday, September 25, 2002


I do not write very well on anything "political"!

I see before me a golf course green, with the surrounding grass....going way way off towards the Tee! i am on my hands and knees with a pair of fingernail scissors, snipping the grass blade by blade, cutting all of the grass this way instead of using a lawnmower, and the whole green and the Tee area and all inbetween....needs cutting.
blade by blade, snip snip snip. by the time i get to anywhere near half done, the grass at the very very back that i started at....will need a-cutting again!!

---each blade of grass is a newspaper comment about some "terrible" thing, in the world. perhaps some Injustice, or some action against nature or Humanity, or some such political act! i would need to comment of course and i would never never end commenting!
Cutting Kudzu-vine piles on Interstate 10, leaf by leaf......will not work!