Tuesday, September 24, 2002

A newspaper article the other day.....

""""" The average lifespan of a Black male is still low. it is about the same age as men in Bangalesh [!!]! In south side chicago, the lifespan is about 58 years. why?!
poor treatment due to race and a stoacism due to all the years of mistreatment, perhaps."""""""

An eye-opening article , this. 58 years for a black man in America.
high blood pressure and strokes, the article says.....

I recall how many many researchers nearly lost their jobs and tenure when in the 70s they suggested that the reason why so many mexican indians were so alcohol-ruined, was because of a genetic difference between the indian people and other people of different races!
Seems this article about black men suggests that there might not be any differences between blacks and whites in the genetic department, at all!!

to ME, this smacks of the Biggest racist attitude, of all!!!
for IF there were no differences, then the black race is not allowed to develop their genetic racial stengths at all! those 'strengths"
may not be acceptable to the European culture-----eliminate them!!
so if there were no genetic differences, then the black men should just learn how to live the North European way, just like everyone else, in Teutonic world.....a world of Time, thought, disipline, structure....."the leaves are more important than the tree" [german].

what would be the genetic strengths of the black race?!
Tis not me to say......probably has to do with physical agility and abilities...[sports], and deep feelings, family closeness, and a inate feeling for Spirit. these values do not really fit in with the western business ethic that Rules hereabouts, nowadays...

as someone actually told me, in 1960 tallahassee, florida...."the white man does all the work: the black man has all the fun"!

our timecrunch age has little fun!

----end of rant-for-today!