Tuesday, September 17, 2002

My friend who has five kids, why I saw him at the barnes noble coffee shop yesterday, we had a nice talk.
He mentioned how he took his very attentive, focused, Gifted, son....to a birthday party the other day. This party was at one of these "hosting places" in the mall, a place that hosts all of the Trappings for a party, the parents do none of the work: the party-place does it all. All the parents have to do is to take the kids to this place at the appointed time.

"Day care".....the kids should feel right at home there!!

Jeff noted, upon his arrival, there, that ALL 15 of the other kids were hyperactive to the Extreme! they had no focus, no attention, no direction: they all were energy filled and little disipline.

This morning i had my 7 am coffee at Fred's. the morning crew of college kids had the radio on, an OBNOXIOUS country music station...*when* they had music! it was mostly chatting, mostly very very excited Promo for a diet drug, then the ad was a hyper hyper car ad. then a country song was played: it was hyper too! then the chatting went on, it sounded like hyper Monkeys sound-biting away.

it dawned on me, on my after-coffee quiet walk to the campus where now i sit, something!
jeff's son was the "dysfunctional" kid: the other 15 kids were NORMAL!! "normal" in how society
NOW defines how one should act! e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e now is ADD, is now hyperactive and multi-tasking
and very very impulsive and emotional!

Writers, mostly science fiction, and Imaginational, have speculated for years, now, about how a whole society could become "insane", where this insanity would then be seen *as* "being Normal"! anyone who is not of this new mindset, would then be seen as "insane", and that person would then be sent to a Center
to Cure him of his affliction!