Monday, September 16, 2002

middle of september now.
My best, and near-only, friend had anice long talk yesterday. he always asks me..."what's new freestone"?!
do i ever ever Tell him about my dreams and visions concerning my one-year to live?
gotta give to even a friend the whole watermelon! not one hunk of it! *not* the thing to toss out over coffee
at barnes and Noble, on a saturday afternoon!
best place?
----a lakeside cabin about 2 or 3 am, after lots of "Jack Daniels" or some Vintage Grass smoked! the full moon would be out and only then could such a tale be told!
or i tell it to stangers on the internet!! never never to relatives or friends as they have to live with it WITH YOU!
they either will not believe you and are then concerned about your Sanity!
they will still not believe you, then they will never trust what you say ever again!
they WILL believe you and they live right next to you so that they will have to deal with it, with you....the death!!
my friend has A life: five kids and a life...wife...home...not something to tell a friend or relative lightly, such things.
I may never never tell him!!