Thursday, September 26, 2002

Lo i wonder about my small obsession with computer games! why?! I found a site that has about 50
home-made adventure games! i downloaded a bunch of them, games made by fans, with the Adventure-kit
...if you are actually interested!!

I could Imagine many pshycological reasons that some people could give....but i would like to think that
Heaven is where Imagination will really be where it is at!

Take last night's dream!
I was another person, in this person's apartment, *AS* the other person! i have many many of my dreams like this! I either am using another person's memory-bank of experience-memories, or else i actually "AM" that other person, briefly! I suspect that when i arrive in heaven, i will often, when i meet a person, not listen to what he says....but to actually experience what he has experienced!

THIS will really really need, from me, "an open mind"! i cannot have the Luxery of harboring a Bias or Bigotry! But *as* "freestone", I am full full of them! comes with being that SPONGE called "a child growing up"! gotta have an open mind and heart, entering heaven!
How can i enter another person's reality if i have a fixed mindset on "this is right: this is wrong" and block out what someone could give to me?!