Thursday, September 12, 2002

---letter to some people about the hidden meaning of "9-11...and its reversal...11-9"!

hi everyone!

I went to the Almanac to look up something today.

In 1965, i was in New York city when the great blackout occurred! This was when the lights went out all over the northest and for hours and hours.
The cold war was on, and everyone made a big deal over it! the whole of manhatten was blackout city!

So i read that this occurred on November 9th of 1965.
11-9....thank you!

the OPPOSITE of 9-11 !!


I recall reading in the Democrat newspaper, the tallahassee democrat, that the daily lotto three-number-pick, for new york, for the evening of september 11th....was

everything is connected.
I FEEL that there is some connection between the blackout and the trade center, a connection that has nothing to do with terrorists!
---probably has to do with the karma of America, somehow!
i recall that the cause of the blackout was due to "natural causes"...too too much demand on least there waere not found to be any "human" causes, like terrorists!

I wonder what this is...., the connection?

perhaps the "10" in the middle, may be a direction of meaning. Hindu religion speaks of the "10th Avatar" called "kalki"...the rider wearing red robe, on the white horse. he is suppossed to end the age and begin the new. "end times"!! this character is also the One that is in the book of revelations.

Either get *real* nervious, i guess...or be thankfull that the age is soon to be done with, perhaps....!!