Thursday, September 26, 2002

Interesting, at my coffee shop this morning!

Two 18 year old college kids working the counter with the radio playing NPR classical music. Normally the classical music on this national public radio, is very nice to hear.

NOT this morning!
I do not recall the name of the piece, but i could call it..."emotional cartharsis INTEN-sity in B-Sharp-major, with overtones of nervious breakdown"...the kindof music that, for me, *must* be listened to: the tone of the piece is like of someone fighting 30 monsters in the Mine with swords and clamor of klingston shields, sweat just a-pouring off the arms....yo ho mates, and gung ho!

---the two kids did not even notice!
No One ever ever ever does, it seems, anywhere, anytime! " INSENSITIVITY"...i see, is actually a
good survival trait in our today's world.