Saturday, September 28, 2002

I tuned to my favorite rock station yesterday and got a NASTY surprise!

"pirate radio" panama city, florida.
I can just pick it up from tallahassee...a not too hardrock station, a station that i have enjoyed from the 1970s.....

Clear channel corporation owns it.

surprise? Mood Music! the same two "elevator music" tunes over and over with an announcement about the change in Format...monday!
---probably TO Mood Music!

yes about 80% of the FM stations in this 2002 country are owned by only a few corporations. Once, in the 1960s...FM was commercial-free and nice.
In tallahassee, this format change goes on at the drop of a Rating Report. of the 15-odd radio stations, two companies own them all...
about once per three months, I Get That Surprise....a station Gone To something else!

probably even the manager of Pirate radio got five minutes notice! everyone fired and all the rock people get a job grilling hamburgers at a fast food place....for a job!

---maybe *that* is why my dream last night relects this...a small dream about how America is being slowly infiltrated with "VESTED INTERESTS"! everything is becoming that. soon, even the schools will use fast food companies to teach our kids and *everything* will be an advertisement. even computer software, like games, will be full of "placements"!