Saturday, September 28, 2002

---I sent a letter to a person who asked me about my dreams: "do I dream other people's experiences, often?". this is where i first person dream dreams where I AM the other person and live his experiences as if i were that person.

this is freestone from "my life after
near death experiences".
You gave to me a comment about my
dreaming other people's realities
and you asked me if i did this a lot.

my answer...Yes...a lot!
I could fill a book...hundreds
and hundreds of these dreams.
sometimes i go to a map to look
up the places i have seen and low and behold,
they are there.
the man that i was, in the dream,
i can still recall the image of him
looking across an interstate-like
six lane road, to over the hill,
the birch trees to the side,
as he/I ruminated about the city
over there that this road was a ring
loop around...MOSCOW, russia!

then how about that GAY orgy that
i was at, in the lakeside cottage
where about 20 men, naked, had an
orgy...i was one of them and i was
there until the penis went up my
rectum and i too much!
my not being gay has nothing to do
with it: i still dreamed it!

do not ask how many times i have died!!
been shot, drowned, fall off of cliffs,
car accidents...first person dying
another person's death.

i have even "retrospected" people's
whole that man in
northest Mississippi state! his
whole childhood, place names and
road numbers...i even recall, after
i awaoke...that this man was a friend
that i knew from my FSU college days
back in 1960!
over the world!
first person living bits and
pieces of other people's lives.

I have the feeling that this is done
A LOT in heaven!
that anything that we did to another
person, here on earth, we live what
was done *as* the recipient, when we get to heaven!
we are one another....nearly. that
is a major lesson from this.
at least we all are interconnected
and what i throw
it will come back to me, literally.

I do not know if i use the memories
of a person or that i AM that person,
in these dreams. nor do i know if
they are living on earth or in heaven.

Thus, i cannot hold "favorites'
or biases or prejudeces, as I am
"the other" as well as myself!

thus i am FORCED to "love everyone"
as they are me!
i surely should love myself!!

thus...if i "hate someone" now..
when i die, i will recieve that hate
back, as I AM that person hated!
same with love!
---*that* is one of the major
philosophical rammifications that
i see, for me, from this!

as i say...least once or twice per week i dream other people's lives..
I have been in prison and
as woman and sex as man...
been killed and died...

on earth, from this...basicly
i see that each of us is right
in every way, in our
life-choices...just different
slants. and i mean ALL of it!
the gay man is perfectly right
in his gayness, even if he wants
to teach school...Bin labin has
Something of Importance to say to
americans...the serial killer is
making His Statement...
and if these extreme examples of
"rightness" seem to offend...just
HOW would you like it if you WERE
that person who was ben labin or
the serial killer and someone
told you to change your ways?!
yes, just imagine that you WERE
that serial killer...try to
imagine how and why you killed all
those people....what justification do you have and why you feel that it was right!

I will have to imagine that, imagine
their serial killings *AS* they did,
first i will be a
counselor in heaven to maybe
hundreds of serial killers!
live their lives. experience
their experiences...only then
could i even begin, in humility,
to help them, as i must first
live with them their killing
experiences and their motives
and meanings as to why they killed
like they did, on earth!!


see...most earthly counselors just lay
a trip of their own Bias onto the
"client" as their
own little world-view is all that
they CAN know, as they can only
live out their own life.
not so in heaven! there, a counselor
works out WITH the client, the life.
AS the client! this poor serial
killer, of course, will also have
to live out the lives of all of his
victums too!!

Spirit gives to me a year to
live...i have no regrets...i am
told that i will be one of the
counselors there...they need all the
help that they can get, needing
hundreds of thousands of counselors,
probably...especially if a war or
earthchange were to send millions
to heaven before
their alloted time to come, so that
they arrive unprepared!
[would you like to volenteer, in your
prayers, to become a counselor? you
CAN, in your prayers, do so!!]

I have rambled enough...i will also
post this in my Journal[s].