Friday, September 13, 2002

I re-read some of my dream journal, the other day.

Impressive dreams, there!!
---like that one where i was given a tarot reading, by a psychic.

[whenever a psychic gives to me counsel, in my dreams, that infers some very very "from spirit" stuff!
I do not have them very often, these Readings: of the last few years, though, i have had many!]

she tells me that the Name of this year, if each year has a Name, like of a vintageyear of wine!...
"the year of the Annoucement"! [the "A" is capitalized, i could tell by her Tone of voice!]

then she tells me that "the Annoucement" refers to "my being taken from the physical plane NEXT year"!

"Departure"...the name of next year, i guess!!