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>>>>And now there's pro-ana, in many ways an almost too lucid clarification of what it really feels like to be eating
disordered. ''Pain of mind is worse than pain of body'' reads the legend on one Web site's live-journal page, above a
picture of the Web mistress's arm, so heavily scored with what look like razor cuts that there is more open wound than
flesh. ''I'm already disturbed,'' reads the home page of another. ''Please don't come in.'' The wish to conform to a certain
external ideal for the external ideal's sake is certainly a component of anorexia and bulimia. But as they are experienced
by the people who suffer from them, it is just that: a component, a stepping-off point into the abyss.

As the girls (and in smaller numbers, boys) who frequent the pro-E.D. sites know, being an ana is a state of mind -- part...

---a whole society of anorexic kids, having weblogs and reinforcing their "ana", as they call it.
i think that i see the Soul of Anorexia! Our culture is *so* obsessed with "independence"..."self-control"
....etc...etc! Depending upon food, to live, is admitting that one IS dependant! dependant like a baby or a child, upon others to live. how many of us will grow OLD, old, depending upon everyone around us...for Everything?! or those "handicapped" adults: Dependant upon people just to live.
If you think that you are free...try holding your breath for ten minutes:SEE how independant you are, from Oxygen!