Tuesday, September 17, 2002

---a comment that i made on the "thin page"

this is mastersite of "ana" people. links...forums...email list. note the Sunday new york times article
in the sunday mag, about a week ago. people who choose, mostly teenagers...people who choose to be thin and anorexic as a way of life.

its about control. self-control. not only is the teen-ager's family pushing their way of life upon the kid; the whole of society is too!
listen to the ADS! buy buy buy and consume. be manipulated to buy!
in fact, perhaps our schools CANNOT teach a kid to think for themselves, as no one would buy anything, with that mentality and we WOULD have a great depression, ala 1930, for sure!
thus we are taught to be emotional and hyper so that we each can be Manipulated to consume, whether the thing-consumed is even truly wanted
by us or not!
so many little girls, for instance, are made to be sex objects, at 10...8...even five years old! our society, thusly, lives THROUGH our kids!!
thus our lives, the "kids" and teens, do not belong to us at all, we teens. our lives belong to the adults who run their lives through us.

i can thus see why "denial" is one very good way to say..."NO", to this manipulation!
to claim and reclaim
a space of "I AM"!
I am I...an individual.

"when the food is poisoned, fasting is the only healthy way"...anon.

would i be thin and "unhealthy"...but have MY space, independant of the
great flood of manipulative
stuff that comes from family, relatives, society?
or would I eat...eat food, thoughts, ways of life, feelings...from our culture
and family, and be "healthy" but not have "ownership" of my own life, my own way of individual being, as a Soul Incarnate----I would be made up of "them", belong to "them"?!!

"beware and be aware of your thoughts
and fellings: often they are not your own....they come from the people and the society around you, and you ate them without
chewing or digestings!"...anon.