Saturday, August 17, 2002

Today, saturday, i am going to comment upon yesterday's dream writeup, again.
Tis to me a really important dream.

was not the actual dream that impresses me so, it was the Lucid awareness, the high counsciousness that was in it, a dream of all of about 20 seconds long!
again: the dream began where I suddenly was aware that i was driving in a car, on a blacktop road, i could tell, in the dream, that i was heading towards the northwest.
Oh the open space! this road was in a very very open field, and it went straight ahead, over a small hill, out of sight. the sky was open....the feeling, in this dream, was...", open space"! Then i heard the Keening cry of a hawk, overhead, out of sight.
I drove over the rise and suddenly saw that the road ended! utterly ended. the blacktop just stopped, as if someone cut it off like a knife. there was some dirt just beyond this end, the same dirt that is on the side edges of roads....then there was the pasture-grass of the open field! no more road: not a trace of road.
dream ends....

my comments!
---I sensed, in the dream, that this rise was over an Interstate highway: thus this point is a "marking point", of some change-to-come. the road did not merely "peter out", or end gradually, this means that it is *as if* the road continues elsewheres, in another place, another dimension!

---years ago, i was driving on a country road: suddenly i became similarly Lucid-aware! as if something was "pumping up" my attention! I drove over this slight rise, to see that a car full of people had rolled down a driveway and filled the road end to end! I was able to stop in time, otherwise if i was not ATTENTIVE, i could have crashed right into this family broadside at 60 mph! Too, i was irked, in my Unknowing innocence of youth, how my wonderfull increased appreciation of the scenry was ruined by this event: only later, when i began to See more Spiritually, did i Know that Spirit and Guides saw this event ahead in the road, an event that i could not see: they increased my awareness so that i could stop my car in time!
I devote umpteen bytes on this, *as* there is a great similarity, here, between that 30-year ago event
and this dream: Spirit increases my awareness so that i really sense that my road ends and Thus I Can
Deal with it, hopefully!

----the hawk! about 4 years ago....[a long long story]...I encountered, on ANOTHER physical road, on foot, an Angel! he told me of my past, of my present, and some of my future. the *last* thing he says to me is..."look off to the Nowrthwest, can you see the Hawk that i see, that is over the woods?!"
I looked across the half-mile open field, to the woods: i could not see this hawk that he saw.
[northwest=end of my life. hawk=spirit, my spirit, my Overself, and/or its Guides.
the hawk is Invisible, as it is a SPIRIT hawk!]
Similar: the dream hawk is overhead, i could not see it, in my dream. One cannot SEE the lord: one HEARS the Voice of the lord! This dreamhawk is a Spirit guide event. that i am at the end of my earthly road....that is the messege of this dream!

Since all dreams build upon the past's dream symbols, i can read the symbols for this dream, through the events that i have just written up here.....

---yet *another* Announcement Dream, for me: my road will end, on earth, very very soon!

yes, i sorta "apologize" for my long-winded articles: i must be one of the most verbal bloggers!
But it is clear to me: i AM a story-teller and each and every story is SO intersubtle-ly complex, that i NEED to talk for at least one hour do not say one word...and i do ALL the talking!
thus this age is *not* an age for story-telling, as ya gotta bare your soul in 8.559 seconds or else the listener *must* attend to something else!!