Friday, August 16, 2002

someone wrote to me, about "the passing of the gods and the separation of the gods and of men".
gods up there in heaven and us down here on earth, i guess.
> Hi Mr. Wilson,

> You spoke about the "kali yuga", the dark age and
> the twillight of the gods, when the iron rules.

> But could this impression of a twillight also mean,
> that we are the wittness of a dusk ?
> Unnoticed and misunderstood ? That there is a new
> sun rising ? A new earth ?
I, freestone, reply.

Steiner wrote extensively of this, the Passing of the
Communion with the Gods.
--but did they all separate? did they all go away, as
the Moon separated from the sun?
ya know...that communion with the gods was sort of
"uncounscious" as there was little individualism,
little self-counsciousness.
we all walked with the gods half asleep!!

then the moon separated from the sun. Krishna brought
the "i am" with him into the earth, now it was
possible for an individual man to be self counscois.
before that it was "we", the clan. now "I" is...

so now we all have the selfcouncsiosness. but
separate from the gods.

---but of course there is something that they do not
tell you: that some Gods can
INCARNATE. Incarnate into the physical world AS a
so they have not left, not all of them.
like the krishna. he came, 3500 BC.

later, man had grown so that the next adjenda on the
Progressions is called for: the NEED to be
self-counscoiuus after death, to have an individual
awareness, in the afterlife: Steiner wrote of this

so the next Bestowal comes, to bring self awareness
after death, as well as in life.

Jesus Christ.

tis NOT what he taught, tis what he DID, that matters,
as he is a God.

so now each of us has the possibility of having an
awareness, individual, after death.

about time for the NEXT Incarnation, huh?
only takes ONE God to incarnate, as that one god,
really is a Spokesman for all the discarnated gods, up
in the Spirit, Celestial worlds!!

but you have to ask! you have to ask a god to make
contact with you! otherwise the gods ARE separate
from man, in the "worst' steiner fashion! since one
of the gods became a man, all you have to do is to ask
in prayer for this god to come to you, in spirit, and
make conection with your soul and then you have that
hotline to Spirit and the celestial realms where they
are and live. they will become your guides, or more
practically...appoint a master, below them, to become
a spirit-guide for you.
but then Billy graham, in his crusades across
Europe, says the exact same thing!! Billy tells you
what you need to do if you want to have the gods
contact you.

"em pogo nogo"
----If i touch you, then you are touching me...

you and the gods, then!!