Tuesday, August 27, 2002

second day of classes at FSU. my bus took SO many minutes waiting in line, all those cars lined up for to get to the parking garage!

"the spiral of death"!!

I could see the line of cars, even after the right turn, the 1/4 mile down to the parking garage, they all go. that was after the 1/2 mile wait in the right turn lane. then they turn into the near full parking garage. then they begin this here spirial of death: they spiral ever ever upwards in the Ramp spiral as each level is now full from the cars before them! there are maybe six floors!
round and round ever ever upwards. no room on floor three so spiral upwards to level four and no room on level four so upwards onto level five.......

by the time the Detector indicates the garage is full, all spaces taken, the many many cars in the upward
spiral Have Yet To Recieve This News!!