Wednesday, August 21, 2002

---letter i wrote to a computer game forum....

I lose a follower because I did not have my nose in the walkthrough, as a FIRST

I *hate* that!!!!

Here i am playing this wonderfull game called ARCANUM. In this game, I am a single character, but can recruit up to three or six more followers. then i have a multi-party turn-based group. I am suppossed to get these followers as i play, going from town to town: i can only have just so many at once.

Like in FALLOUT, there is a DOG. a wonderious dog, that i read, from the
helps and the forums..."a dog that i really really need to accompany me on my travels".
---In Ashebury, there he is suppossed to be, according to the help tips...
i get off the train and explore the city and enjoy the exploration. buy sell talk openchests and generally wander about. eventually i come across a dead dog.
I wander on.....i come back to see a pool of blood there, the body is gone.

THEN i read the walkthrough!! it says...."you *must* go to that dog IMMEDIATELY after getting off of the train, the drawf is beating it and it will die very very soon and if you are only a bit late, the dog is dead, even beyond any magic scroll revivings"!!

I hate that!!
I want to play a game to enjoy it and to explore and to progress by my spontanious actions. there is more than ONE game where i soon found that the *only* way to even have me to get anywhere in the game is to read the walkthough spoilers FIRST before doing or saying anything! Play By Walkthrough!

read sentence.
look at screen, move characters.
read another paragraph.
move my characters.
read again another sentence.

taking a trip to Paris and walking the streets with your face in the TourGuidebook, not even wandering off on your own at all!
being a part of a tourgroup, get off the bus and walk herdlike, like a record needle in the Groove, followitg the rail, the trail and NO sideglances permitted, let alone walk off on your own!
those games, when i find this to be the case: my next action is to click on the "uninstall" button!

so i guess i will live without Dog! too too far back to a savepoint.
probably i will not finish this game either, as surely i will come across some
Action, in the main Quest storyline, where i fail to do something and kill the plot!
but i rather play for explorational enjoyment, like of life. NOT to follow some Rulebook to "maximize" my game, according to someone else's mindset!

when i die i will probably treat my heaven like this too, when i arrive: i wonder how long it will be before i Piss off some Guide, or break some Rules, and Lose my Welcome, there, in that heavenland?!
I might enjoy the Place Down Below, much much better!

so onwards with ARCANUM.....until i come up against the plotbreaker, the plotbreaker that any old Arcanum walkthrough will warn me of, ahead of time, IF i were to have this here walktrough right under my nose, reading it *before* taking even the smallest game action, like before each and every mouse-click and keyboard action!! maybe read the walkthrough *as* the game, like a book, and not even buy the game...go to "www.gamefaqs" and read 'em all, all
the faqs and Walkthroughs, and save much much $$$$, not having to buy a single game, or play one, not even to need a computer!!

yeah. read the Tourguide for Paris, in your living room, and not even Go!