Thursday, August 15, 2002


dreams dreams dreams!
another first person, "living-someone-else's-life", dream!
[yes, i am living another person's experiences, as IF i were that person, or using his memories]

i am upstairs in a house. i am full of anger and rage, over something. [not apparent as to what, from my "freestone vantagepoint", the event that caused this anger occurred some time before "I came" into this man's life!]
I sit by the bedroom window and i watch a car pull up to the streetside curb, slowly. "she" is in this car, with other people. She gets out and i pull up the object that i have with me...
A RIFLE. one of those hunting guns or maybe one of those miltary rifles. I aim and fire and the lady bows over and falls upon the sidewalk! then as the man gets out, i shoot again and he falls down.
I then shoot at everyone that runs about near this car and at the people who come over to aid the lady...perhaps another ten shots and several more people fall....
[some time elapses....., in this dream]
I try to run down the hall of this house, try to run down the stairs into the living room, i have no more ammo for my rifle. several men in blue clothes fire their guns at me, from the front door. i am hit by bullets in my stomach and fall down upon the floor, shot many times. i jerk my arms about, in spasms, as i twitch and twitch, blood pouring out all over the floor: sight dims......blackness comes....
dream ends!
oh boy!
The Human Experience! the human experience embraces all kinds of experiences!! who am I to say which ones are "valid" or "not valid"!
Somewheres, in my own past, i musta signed up, in spirit, for to have dreams where i live small "biographies" of bits and sections of other people's lives. since about 1980. about the time of Sai baba, when i began the baba dreams. since he wants me to "help with the progressions of millions of souls"...perhaps he wants me to be aquainted with *ALL* kinds of human experiences.
yes...ALL kinds of experiences...and there are many many that perhaps, you, reader, might not ever want to experience, but i have to, in a small part. I have been shot, been killed by poison, drowned. I have expereinced an ORGY where there were about 30 gay men, naked, in a room: i was one of them. sex sex sex sex, all were writhing together like a pile of earthworms...a collective "oneness".
WHO is gonna take this Killer by the hand and try to help him Deal with his killings and his rages, in his Afterlife. perhaps more trauma-tizing to him; what about when he discovers that there *is* an afterlife, and not only does he have to deal with THAT, he has to deal with his "sins"...AND then he has to deal with meeting the people that he shot and killed!!

probably this dream is a "class action" dream, as when i die and go to school for "angelic aid", and learn about how to help these people, there will be thousands and thousands of these "killers" that will come up to heaven, PER YEAR, from the earthsphere. this dream sets the tone for all of these killers that i will have to try to aid, perhaps, as this dream that i had, surely is such an Archtype for all of them!