Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I went to Germany in my dreams! i wander all around this german city, rode the train, went into a bar. someone handed me some kind of messege or invitation, on a sheet of paper. In german, of course, i could not read it. I had the impression the letter was where the giver of the sheet wanted to invite me to a meeting with him that was more than just to talk at the bar: homo relations!

lots and lots of small questions in this dream!
---how and why "germany"? not in a psy. sense, but ....is this a astral/heavenly place that has german people in it? or is it from some german person's memory-bank? as I dream other people's dreams a lot, often i cannot tell, as i do not see the "self" in these dreams, to tell if it is me or not.
---why "homo"? i would not call myself of this interest, but i know of many aquaintances of like bent, over the years, people i have not sen for years. too...the gay/lesbos ways of life; there are at least TWO
overgeneralizations that i can make, here, that would tend to have this theme seem to be so common in my dreams.
1...[I have read from guides/mediums/psychics]; that there are far far more homo-people, who are mediumistic or psychic...then there are "straight", because the people who are psychic must have both the male and female parts of themselves near-equal in development, in order for the Gifts of spirit to be more usable! our society wants each of us to BE utterly "male" or 'female"...100%!
My astral visits would deal mostly with psychic people.
i read, somewheres..." in the field of Black Magic, the homo people are much much more common"!
I agree, except to add that this would hold for ALL Mage/magik practioners, white, black, or grey!
2...they are, to me, the very most creative! and often old soul. more of a balance, again, when there are both the male and the female present, in the same person. "creativeness" takes part in both sex-slants, at the same time and space!
anyone who is afraid of being "partly of the other sex", must probably deny IMAGINATION also, as if this person Imagines any fantasy at all on anything, that other sexpart, of themselves, would
snakely rear its head for Recognitions!