Saturday, August 10, 2002

I had another "MY LIFE WAS READ BY A PSYCHIC" dream, last night!

yes another such dream. Dimly remembered of course!! In these dreams, often the psychic seems to ramble on and on, where the info-per-minute, is so small, that i cannot seem to remember what was dreamed, upon my awakening.
Anyway. i went to a psychic's house and she had a once-inch thick book where she read, this book, and talked of my life that was written up in this book.
there were only TWO things that i recall that were Important.
----[1] She showed to me a picture of me and her; both of us standing in a yard, where i stood under a tree and she stood off in the distance about 50 feet away. In this dream, i suddenly saw that this tree was my "incarnational tree", that Oak tree in my parent's yard, the tree that has often appeared in my dreams and it means, always..."the tree that i fell out of, incarnated to earth, from"!
the psychic lady stood off to the Northwest, meaning the "spiritual direction", Heaven is in that direction, in my dream symbols. Then i saw a bird flying over my head and then this bird flew northwest to over her head and then it flew further onwards to the northwest tand then it turned around and came back and then it repeated this loop, over and over about a dozen times!
in this dream it was apparwent to me, connected with what she was saying, right then, about where my "next" place to AIM my life at, as this was the "next life assignment"....this bird was like of an "arrow"
pointing the way that Spirit is having me to move to next. to the heaven!

----[2]. Then she tells me....this is THE major messege of this dream!..."This year is the year of the Anouncement." [as if every year, of my life, has a Name, like of a Vintage of Wine!]
she went on...."this [2002] is the year of the Anouncement, the Anouncement of your being taken from the Physical World"! [yes! ---- my dream on may 13th of 2002. "you will begin your Spirit life in one year!!
So january 2002-december 31 of 2002, is my year of Anouncement: i will not die in this year.
THAT probably will be the "name" of the 2003 year!!!!

probably there will be a *lot* of interesting dreams, in the 11 to 15 months, ahead: keep tuned, sports fans!