Friday, August 09, 2002

I put this here HURMONGIOUS link here as it links to a thread-begining, in one thread in the "rpg.comp" newsgroup. IF you can link to it, you will find a thread with over 130 replys.

the whole thread begins about old computer games and the $$$ commercial degregation of the modern games and then the thread really takes off in critiqing classic films made in Europe, during the "classic" period of the 1920s...1950s. then on and on, contrasting and comparing old games and old movies against the seemingly modern way of "promo" and "marketing hype", of "hollywood".

MAYBE the link will be valid for a while after august 9th!

while you read the thread, you can sign up with deja and then POST YOUR thoughts to the people there
as this is just *really* a huge messege-board!