Wednesday, August 07, 2002

hey looka here!
the tuesday new york times science section had an article that says that now they find that the more sun that shines on your skin, the fewer cancers you get!! more colon cancer in the North, for instance!!
soon, nicotine, probably i suspect, will be found to be a life-supporitng substance, like in
the movie ...the "sleeper" by Woody Allen!!
Sunlight, a Cancer Protector in the Guise of a Villain?


in contrast to the often repeated warnings about tanning and skin cancer, some scientists have been
exploring an almost heretical notion: sunlight may actually protect against other cancers.

The idea is not new; two epidemiologists proposed it 22 years ago. Their theory was that vitamin D, which
the skin produces when exposed to sunshine, somehow prevents the growth of malignant cells.

People who live in less sunny, high-latitude regions do not make as much of the vitamin, and so they could
be more vulnerable to tumors, the theory maintains.

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