Monday, August 19, 2002

here is a letter that i wrote to

this is the commenting system that i use. i like it.

yes hi Haloscan!

I logged in the other day and looked through what is offered, in my account.
When i clicked on the "View/Delete Posts", and the page came up, i WAS AMAZED!!

---here was all of my site's comments that were made, all five or so of them! [just started, thus only 5 comments].

In other words, if someone who looked through the archives for my blogger site, found something
to comment upon, a paragraph from, say, june 3rd, i would see it here in the View/Delete Posts section.
this means that i can actually see all the comments that anyone has posted: that june 3rd comment would have been lost
to me, otherwise, as i do not have to go trolling through a year of archives to try to see comments!!

so i thank you haloscan! i DO belive that i will also cut and paste this letter TO my
weblog, "my life after near death expereinces". maybe bring a few more subscribers to you all! i am not sure if
the "other" commenter sites have this feature, even!