Saturday, August 03, 2002

"A civilization is the most creative when either it is being born, or when it is dying"....unknown!

I recalled reading that line in some 1950s Science fiction pulp mag. An editorial, i think. the author went on to say that society is also creative when it is dying....because the Controls, are gone. Civilizations are somewhat "nazi-istic" in that they ask much of a person's allegience to this society. As if perhaps that civilization comes BEFORE the individual life of the individual person! As if perhaps a person in this society might spend 60% of his effort, in life, to further the life of the society, rather than himself!
[somewhat *the* definition for "nazism"!]
Thus when a society dies, that Commitment obligation is gone, when the cat is gone, the mice will play!
A "proper" civilization might ban what creative people create as it would not be in the best interest of society to tolerate this, as the Ways of the currant society comes first.

like: in the 1950s, a young man is drafted, serves his country. then marries, no "gay" paths or "hippie" paths explored, even if existing as a possibility, then join up with "church/family values. put the family-kids-relatives interests *before* his, put them first, and his own, last.

I feel more comfortable with this dying civilization! The 1950s "psychology of adjustment" would ruin me!

somday i fear, hopefully i will be LONG dead----that a new civilization will arise and it will demand that One Choose Sides, and Join...or be cast out!