Friday, August 23, 2002


Well, Sports fans, anyone who reads this: another Vast dream! took me a day or so to find out what it means!
The dream begins where i am driving along a road, alone. Due south. a straight road, heading compass-south. I have the impression that i am driving into the American south, from my hometown in upstate new york. the countryside is lush and green, the sky is clear: this is a lucid dream!
the dream goes on and on and on and on, i seem to stop at a person's house, then drive on, then stop at another place....traveling in stages. At each house there seems to be people there that i know.
People from my life. But i leave then, soon, the journey is more Important than the remaining with them!
[by now it appears that this dream is a Summation of my life; not in chronological order. This dreams infers..."My Life from leaving my 1960 childhood home to go South to tallahassee, fla, to college...onwards to the present time"]
these friends that I stop at, the timing seems to be such that the first people are more "worldly" and the later people are more "spiritual".
On an on the drive continues, the scenery gets more "strange". I finally come to an end of the road, where there is a large lake, the road stops at a dock. about 50 feet beyond the end of this dock is an island with a hut on it. I get out of my car and swim across. In the water, under the water like of a fish, is a large COW! it speaks to me while underwater, speaks in English! it warns me of some "monster" that is near the house, a monster that would, if finding me, would remove me from existance!
[*not* "kill" me, remove "me" from this plane!]
more friends in the house, soon they leave, like I, before, had left all the other friends in all the other houses.
I am now ALONE.
Suddenly, the whole back side of the wall "opens up" into another reality! it is now as if i am in a movie theater, sitting in the rear seats and there is a stage up front, curtains open. On this stage is what i could call a "ball of light". very very bright, not to be looked at. Actually....this was not a "ball"at all! It looked more like of a pillar of flamecolor! Not *in* flames, but of a white-heat firecolor. This pillar also looked more like a column, perhaps larger at the bottom, and about ten feet high: perhaps even a SHIVA-LINGHAM! Suddenly this "thing" sends a bit of itself forwards to over the front row of seats as if it is projecting itself into the "next lower level down", in vibration.
I see some Form, appear. This is a shape of a naked man, but it is utterly made up of FLAMES!
made up of fire! only of fire. this entity, then projects yet another projection forwards towards me, yet another "transformer step-down" of energy, so that now this third projection was now next to me, on my level. I could not really see what this form looked like, too dark at the end of the theater! it began to speak to me, I FREAKED and woke up!!
What was it that IT said?!! I only caught the very very first line or so, of an English-spoken sentence or so...
"NOW it is time that My Projection be brought back unto Me. Yes, Freestone, it is Time that you become I"..... something like that!

shades of hells bells and the movies/books/computer games, of..."Chluthu Comes through the Portal
for my soul... to claim it for Hell!!
------I prayed to Spirit, the next day...for Answers, on this one!!!

last night, the next night, ANOTHER dream! a very very short dream, only two seconds long, but this seems to be the Answer to this Terrifying dream!
I am in a movie theater, middle row of seats, alone. the stage is up front, curtains open. At the left entrance to the stage, partway off of it and partway on the stairs from 'exit left" is a man. an ordinary man. In the very dim light, I recognize him.
He makes a very short quick gesture with a hand, arm partway out. this gesture is quick, but it speaks volumes of information! all at once, in one gesture, the messege is..."you! you, freestone.
Come. Come to me. Then go behind/through me and then Up [ from the physical baba, skywards] and out of the movie theater through the back left of the stage!

no more need be said. the "broken record" spins the same messege, over and over and over......