Thursday, August 01, 2002

ah rain!

Tallahassee is good for that. i always wanted to see what a tropical rainy season is like! 3 to 15 inches of rain per month.
right this second, in the library, i can see about 100 feet out the window; maybe three inches of rain will fall by 6 pm! amazing. frogs in my mailbox and mold that grows on mushrooms! mold on the walls of buildings and it loves old white cars! signs get black after awhile and unreadible.

there are only two kinds of rain here...sprinkle and drench! if ya feel the sprinkle, in the middle of the parking lot and 300 feet to any shelter, just walk slowly as it will do no good, your undies will be wringing wet in 1.056 seconds! sprinkle to drench...
takes as about as long as it does to say it!

I saw once a wall of rain eat a girl!
this wall of rain came across the college green like a wall does. the first sprinkle to drench...was about two feet. the last i saw of this girl, was her legs sticking out of the wall, in a utterly futile runningness, as this wall ate her!
when this wall came to the window, visibility might have been all of one foot! poor girl, probably the center of her books were as wet as the outsides, in about one minute with twenty more minutes to go!
off to her class, no doubt, but all she could probably do is to curl up into a ball on the green: shelter about 400 feet away!

i have heard that near here, once, it rained so hard that it sunk the fisherman's boat!