Thursday, July 11, 2002

well i added something yet again to my site.

I discovered the joys of
One can create [you too people!!] a private messegeboard. so easy. so simple.
I did!
----as i say, on the left side of this site, the link....

"I NOW HAVE A DISCUSSION MESSAGEBOARD AT QUICKTOPIC.COM. YOU MAY POST YOUR COMMENTS THERE. Start a discussion, even!--Discuss my life after near death experiences".
Now you all can come to this board and post your thoughts. people, reading this weblog, can come and also post; then comment on the postings of others!

---in other words, a messegeboard: a List, like in "newsgrouplist"!

thus with this "quicktopic", i now have AN INTERACTIVE WEBLOG!!
---better than a guestbook, better than even a comment line! better than signing up for emailgroups, even