Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Time and Newsweek. small shocking news, i read: something that I never ever had thought of before and i should have known better, having been raised in farm country!
In Time or newsweek [ i browsed that two mags today at the bookstore]
there was a cover article about "the america becoming vegetarian, yes or no"......something like that.

there was this point made: eye-opening to me!
---[my words]
"the harvesting of crops, like soybeans, corn, wheat, etc.....kills SO many animals! why the kill rate for Voles, in a wheatfield, at the combining, is 50%!! millions and millions of rabbits, pheasents, birds, die every year, and the more fields that there are, the more die!
Actually...the greatest envirnmental-friendly-to-animals, farming...is to crop grass-eating ruminents, on pastures; or maybe to use pigs and chickens, in lots. or something like that.
"there is no free lunch"....the article says...
something has to die to make others live!

I can remember the scared rabbits, the killed birdnests as the haycutter cut down their nests. snakes and voles and mice die as the combine grinds up the soybeanfields.

Jains anyone?
the Indian jain religion: the devotees wear masks to keep from breathing insects and sevents go before them on the sidewalks and roads to sweep away insects that might be stepped on and killed!