Wednesday, July 03, 2002

that airplane crash in Germany: those Russian children!

I find this event Omenious! Dangerious!
Here is where two planes collided, even everyone concerned tried SO hard to get them to avoid each other! And the kids!! the very very best of kids from a whole Russian District, the cream of the crop: the leaders of the new Hope for Advancement of the Russian people!

to ME, this whole event smells like of an "Appointment Kept"! Set to die, all of them. utterly so, and no stopping it!

Why would Spirit Act to do this? why would these children come here and then leave this earthplane, taking all of their talants with them?! they could have done SO much, for the rest of the Russian people, yesrs and years from now!

---I wonder.........
Maybe they will be Important in heaven, to greet or heal or counsel the incoming Russian people, over the years.
WHAT bothers me, a bit, is this: that they all could be leaving, not only for that reason, but that conditions here on the earth are soon going to deteriorate due to"'earthchanges"!!
Not only would they be there in the Spirit world, to meet the great mass of suddenly-incoming people, but that there would be little reason for them to suffer here!
["rapture in slow motion": Old Souls dying early, so not to have to be here during some great earth upheavals!]
Be interesting if there are MORE of these "accidents" in the coming year or two: from what i read in the "psychics"....2005 will be a dangerious year!